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Hong, Binbin and Swithenbank, Matthew and Greenall, Nicholas and Clarke, Roland and Chudpooti, Nonchanutt and Akkaraekthalin, Prayoot and Somjit, Nutapong and Cunningham, John and Robertson, Ian (2017) Data associated with ‘Low-Loss Asymptotically Single-Mode THz Bragg Fiber Fabricated by Digital Light Processing Rapid Prototyping’. [Dataset]

Jull, Ethan and Lydon, John and Gleeson, Helen (2017) 5CB Nematic 6 Point Defect Data. [Dataset]

Howard, Megan and Hoppitt, Will (2017) Behavioural data for 'Ospreys do not teach offspring how to kill prey at the nest'. [Dataset]

Mengoni, Marlène (2017) Bovine intervertebral disc mechanical characterisation dataset. [Dataset]

Tayyub, Jawad and Hawasly, Majd and Cohn, Anthony (2017) Complex and Long Activities Dataset. [Dataset]

Nguyen, Thai TH and Rosbottom, Ian and Marziano, Ivan and Hammond, Robert B and Roberts, Kevin J (2017) Crystal Morphology and Interfacial Stability of RS-Ibuprofen in Relation to Its Molecular and Synthonic Structure dataset. [Dataset]

Dupont, Valerie (2017) Data associated with "Chemical equilibrium analysis of hydrogen production from shale gas using sorption enhanced chemical looping steam reforming" in Fuel Processing Technology. [Dataset]

Brand Correa, Lina I. and Owen, Anne (2017) Data associated with 'Developing an Input-Output Based Method to Estimate a National-Level Energy Return on Investment (EROI)'. [Dataset]

Dupont, Valerie (2017) Data associated with 'Effect of hydrocarbon fractions, N2 and CO2 in feed gas on hydrogen production using sorption enhanced steam reforming: Thermodynamic analysis'. [Dataset]

Kundu, Iman and Dean, Paul and Valavanis, Alexander and Li, Lianhe and Han, Yingjun and Linfield, Edmund and Davies, A Giles (2017) Data associated with 'Frequency tunability and spectral control in terahertz quantum cascade lasers with phase-adjusted finite-defect-site photonic lattices’. [Dataset]

Dobson, John and Kumar, Amit and Willis, Leon and Higazi, Daniel and Turner, Richard and Lowe, David and Tuma, Roman and Ashcroft, Alison and Radford, Sheena and Kapur, Nikil and Brockwell, David (2017) Data associated with 'Inducing protein aggregation by extensional flow'. [Dataset]

Rosbottom, Ian and Ma, CaiYun and Turner, Thomas and O’Connel, Roisin and Loughrey, Jonathan and Sadiq, Ghazala and Davey, Roger and Roberts, Kevin J. (2017) Data associated with 'Influence of Solvent Composition on the Crystal Morphology and Structure of p-aminobenzoic acid crystallised from mixed ethanol and nitromethane solutions'. [Dataset]

Mitra, Arpita and Cespedes, Oscar and Ramasse, Q and Ali, Mannan and Marmion, Scott and Ward, M and Brydson, RMD and Kinane, CJ and Cooper, JFK and Langridge, S and Hickey, BJ (2017) Data associated with 'Interfacial Origin of the Magnetistion Suppressio of Thin film Yttrium iron garnet'. [Dataset]

Luca, Costa and Li-Destri, Giovanni and Pontoni, Diego and Konovalov, Oleg and Thomson, Neil (2017) Data associated with 'Liquid-liquid interfacial imaging using atomic force microscopy'. [Dataset]

Dupont, Valerie (2017) Data associated with 'Parametric characterisation of air gasification of chlorella vulgaris biomass'. [Dataset]

Kundu, Iman and Dean, Paul and Valavanis, Alexander and Chen, Li and Li, Lianhe and Cunningham, John and Linfield, Edmund and Davies, A Giles (2017) Data associated with 'Quasi-continuous frequency tunable terahertz quantum cascade lasers with coupled cavity and integrated photonic lattice'. [Dataset]

Herling, Franz and Morrison, C and Knox, CS and Zhang, S and Newell, O and Myronov, M and Linfield, Edmund and Marrows, Christopher (2017) Data associated with 'Spin-orbit interaction in InAs/GaSb heterostructures quantified by weak antilocalization'. [Dataset]

Groves, Dawn and Williams, Sophie (2017) Data associated with ‘An In-Vitro Simulation Method for the Tribological Assessment of Complete Natural Hip Joints’. [Dataset]

Brockway, Paul E. and Heun, Matthew (2017) Data associated with ‘Energy rebound as a potential threat to a low-carbon future: Findings from a new exergy-based national-level rebound approach’. [Dataset]

Waterman, Amanda H and Giles, Oscar T and Havelka, Jelena and Ali, Sumaya and Culmer, Peter R and Wilkie, Richard M and Mon-Williams, Mark (2017) Data associated with ‘Sensorimotor control dynamics and cultural biases’. [Dataset]

Quinones, Diego A. and Oniga, Teodora and Varcoe, Benjamin T. H. and Wang, Charles H. T. (2017) Data associated with “Quantum principle of sensing gravitational waves: From the zero-point fluctuations to the cosmological stochastic background of spacetime”. [Dataset]

Jennings, Louise (2017) Data associated with “The Influence of Malalignment and Ageing Following Sterilisation by Gamma Irradiation in an Inert Atmosphere on the Wear of UHMWPE in Patella-Femoral Replacements”. [Dataset]

Al Ma’Mari, Fatma and Rogers, Matthew and Alghamdi, Shoug and Moorsom, Timothy and Lee, Stephen and Prokscha, Thomas and Luetkens, Hubertus and Valvidares, Manuel and Teobaldi, Gilberto and Flokstra, Machiel and Stewart, Rhea and Gargiani, Pierluigi and Ali, Mannan and Burnell, Gavin and Hickey, BJ and Cespedes, Oscar (2017) Data on Emergent Magnetism in Metallo-Carbon Interfaces. [Dataset]

Wheeler, M.C. and Al Ma'Mari, F. and Rogers, M. and Gonçalves, F.J. and Moorsom, T. and Brataas, A. and Stamps, R. and Ali, M. and Burnell, G. and Hickey, B.J. and Cespedes, Oscar (2017) Data on Optical Conversion of Pure Spin Currents in Hybrid Molecular Devices. [Dataset]

Satchell, Nathan and Witt, J.D.S. and Flokstra, Machiel and Lee, Steve and Cooper, J.F.K. and Kinane, Christian and Langridge, Sean and Burnell, Gavin (2017) Data set for 'Control of superconductivity with a single ferromagnetic layer in niobium/erbium bilayers'. [Dataset]

Herbert, Anthony and Edwards, Jennifer and Jones, Gemma and Ingham, Eileen and Fisher, John (2017) Data supporting "The effects of irradiation dose and storage time following treatment on the viscoelastic properties of decellularised porcine super flexor tendon". [Dataset]

Halcrow, Malcolm A and Capel Berdiell, Izar and Kulmaczewski, Rafał and Cespedes, Oscar (2017) Data to support study of An Incomplete Spin-Transition Associated with a Z’ = 1 to Z’ = 24 Crystallographic Symmetry Breaking. [Dataset]

Halcrow, Malcolm A and Kulmaczewski, Rafał and Cespedes, Oscar (2017) Data to support study of Gradual Thermal Spin-Crossover Mediated by a Re-Entrant Z’ = 1 to Z’ = 6 to Z’ = 1 Phase Transition. [Dataset]

Halcrow, Malcolm A and Capel Berdiell, Izar and Kulmaczewski, Rafał (2017) Data to support study of Iron(II) Complexes of 2,4-Dipyrazolyl-1,3,5-Triazine Derivatives ‒ the Influence of Ligand Geometry on Metal Ion Spin State. [Dataset]

Halcrow, Malcolm A and Burrows, Kay E and McGrath, Sarah E and Kulmaczewski, Rafał and Cespedes, Oscar and Barrett, Simon A (2017) Data to support study of Spin States of Homochiral and Heterochiral Isomers of [Fe(PyBox)2]2+ Derivatives. [Dataset]

Wood, Christopher and Smith, Alban and O'Rorke, Richard and Kale, A and Tomlinson, Matthew and Rimsa, Roberts and Kirkham, Jennifer and Davies, A Giles and Walti, Christoph (2017) Data to support the research article 'Rapid cell separation with minimal manipulation for autologous cell therapies'. [Dataset]

Shi, Dong and Budrikis, Zoe and Stein, Aaron and Morley, Sophie A and Olmsted, Peter D and Burnell, Gavin (2017) Dataset associated with "Frustration and thermalisation in an arti cial magnetic quasicrystal". [Dataset]

Baird, Andy J. and Low, Robert and Young, Dylan and Swindles, Graeme T. and Lopez, Omar R. and Page, Susan (2017) Dataset associated with "High permeability explains the vulnerability of the carbon store in drained tropical peatlands". [Dataset]

Morley, S.A. and Alba-Venero, D. and Porro, J.M. and Riley, S.T. and Stein, A. and Steadman, P. and Stamps, R.L. and Langridge, S. and Marrows, C.H. (2017) Dataset associated with "Vogel-Fulcher-Tammann Freezing of a Thermally Fluctuating Artificial Spin Ice Probed by X-ray Photon Correlation Spectroscopy". [Dataset]

Raske, Nicholas (2017) Dataset associated with 'A predictive model for discrete cell gravure roll coating'. [Dataset]

Moldovan, Alexandru A. and Rosbottom, Ian and Ramachandran, Vasuki and Pask, Christopher M. and Olomukhoro, Oboroghene and Roberts, Kevin J. (2017) Dataset associated with 'Crystallographic Structure, Intermolecular Packing Energetics, Crystal Morphology and Surface Chemistry of Salmeterol Xinafoate (Form I)'. [Dataset]

Trbojevic, Nina and Read, Daniel and Nagaraj, Mamatha (2017) Dataset associated with 'Dielectric properties of liquid crystalline dimer mixtures exhibiting the nematic and twist-bend nematic phases'. [Dataset]

Pritchard, Victoria E. and Rota Martir, Diego and Oldknow, Samuel and Kai, Shumpei and Hiraoka, Shuichi and Cookson, Nikki J. and Zysman-Colman, Eli and Hardie, Michaele J. (2017) Dataset associated with 'Homochiral self-sorted and emissive Ir(III) metallo-cryptophanes.'. [Dataset]

Smyth, Alexandra and Fisher, John and Suñer, Silvia and Brockett, Claire (2017) Dataset associated with 'Influence of Kinematics on the Wear of a Total Ankle Replacement'. [Dataset]

King, Marco-Felipe (2017) Dataset associated with 'Investigating the influence of neighbouring structures on natural ventilation potential of a full-scale cubical building using time-dependent CFD'. [Dataset]

Zhang, Huagui and Harbottle, David and Hunter, Timothy and Brown, Andrew and Kim, Yun Kon and Lee, Jae W. (2017) Dataset associated with 'Organically modified clay with potassium copper hexacyanoferrate for enhanced Cs+ adsorption capacity and selective recovery by flotation'. [Dataset]

Noble, Alice and Palmer, Sheila M. and Glaves, David J. and Crowle, Alistair and Brown, Lee and Holden, Joseph (2017) Dataset associated with 'Prescribed burning, atmospheric pollution and grazing effects on peatland vegetation composition'. [Dataset]

Dijkstra, Arend G. and Prokhorenko, Valentyn I. (2017) Dataset associated with 'Simulation of photo-excited adenine in water with a hierarchy of equations of motion approach'. [Dataset]

Li, Shunbo (2017) Dataset associated with 'Synchrotron FTIR Mapping of Mineralization in a Microfluidic Device'. [Dataset]

Cooper, Robert J. and Mengoni, Marlène and Williams, Sophie and Jones, Alison C. (2017) Dataset associated with 'Three-dimensional assessment of impingement risk in geometrically parameterised hips compared with clinical measures.'. [Dataset]

Cross, Laura L. and Paudyal, Rupesh and Kamisugi, Yasuko and Berry, Alan and Cuming, Andrew C. and Baker, Alison and Warriner, Stuart L. (2017) Dataset associated with 'Towards designer organelles by subverting the peroxisomal import pathway'. [Dataset]

Kause, Astrid and Townsend, Tarlise and Gaissmaier, Wolfgang (2017) Dataset associated with Framing Climate Uncertainty: Frame Choices Reveal and Influence Climate Change Beliefs. [Dataset]

Freeman, Joshua (2017) Dataset associated with Injection locking of a terahertz quantum cascade laser to a telecommunications wavelength frequency comb. [Dataset]

Li, Shunbo (2017) Dataset associated with Passive Pico-injection Enables Controlled Crystallization in a Droplet Microfluidic Device. [Dataset]

Chammas, Oliver and Bonass, William A. and Thomson, Neil H. (2017) Dataset associated with the "Effect of heparin and heparan sulphate on open promoter complex formation for a simple tandem gene model system using ex-situ atomic force microscopy". [Dataset]

Corbett, S.L. and Sharma, Rajan and Davies, A Giles and Walti, Christoph (2017) Dataset associated with the publication 'Enhancement of RecA-mediated self-assembly in DNA nanostructures through basepair mismatches and single-strand nicks'. [Dataset]

Knights, Oscar B. (2017) Dataset associated with the publication 'The Influence of Gold Nanorod Size on Photoacoustic Response, Melting and Cytotoxicity'. [Dataset]

Lee, Andrew J. and Sharma, Rajan and Hobbs, Jamie K and Walti, Christoph (2017) Dataset associated with the publication 'Cooperative RecA Clustering: The Key to Efficient Homology Searching'. [Dataset]

Salinas-Melgoza, Miguel Angel and Skutsch, Margaret and Lovett, John and Borrego, Armonia (2017) Dataset associated with ‘Carbon emissions from dryland shifting cultivation: a case study of Mexican tropical dry forest’. [Dataset]

Kause, Astrid and Vitouch, Oliver and Glueck, Judith (2017) Dataset associated with ‘How selfish is a thirsty man? A comparison of sharing behaviour with primary and secondary goods'. [Dataset]

Chhantyal-Pun, Rabi and Valavanis, Alexander and Keeley, James and Rubino, Pierluigi and Kundu, Iman and Han, Yingjun and Dean, Paul and Li, Lianhe and Davies, A Giles and Linfield, Edmund H (2017) Dataset for Gas spectroscopy with integrated frequency monitoring through self-mixing in a terahertz quantum-cascade laser. [Dataset]

Anamari Mohandas, Reshma and Freeman, Joshua R. and Davies, Giles and Linfield, Edmund H. and Dean, Paul and Ponnampalam, Lalitha and Fice, Martyn and Seeds, Alwyn J. and Cannard, Paul. J. and Robertson, Michael. J. and Moodie, David. G. and Rosamond, Mark. C. and Natrella, Michele (2017) Dataset for ‘Terahertz generation mechanism in nano-grating electrode photomixers on Fe doped InGaAsP’. [Dataset]

Keeley, James and Freeman, Joshua and Bertling, Karl and Lim, Yah Leng and Mohandas, Reshma A and Taimre, Thomas and Li, and Indjin, Dragan and Rakić, Aleksandar D and Linfield, Edmund H and Davies, A Giles and Dean, Paul (2017) Dataset relating to "Measurement of the emission spectrum of a Fabry-Pérot semiconductor laser using self-mixing interferometry". [Dataset]

Swithenbank, Matthew and Burnett, Andrew and Russell, Christopher and Li, Lianhe and Davies, A Giles and Linfield, Edmund and Cunningham, John E and Wood, Christopher (2017) Dataset relating to ‘On-chip Terahertz Frequency Measurements of Liquids’. [Dataset]

Bailey, James and Kaur, Sarabjot and Gleeson, Helen and Morgan, Philip and Clamp, John and Jones, J. Cliff (2017) Dataset supporting 'Design Considerations for Liquid Crystal Contact lenses'. [Dataset]

Partridge, Susan and Williams, Sophie (2017) Dataset supporting Publication “Evaluation of a New Methodology to Simulate Damage and Wear of Polyethylene Hip Replacements Subjected to Edge Loading in Hip Simulator Testing”. [Dataset]

Abdelgaied, Abdellatif and Fisher, John and Jennings, Louise M. (2017) Dataset supporting the publication 'A comparison between electromechanical and pneumatic controlled knee simulators for the investigation of wear of total knee replacements'. [Dataset]

Chau, Hau Hing and McKay, Alison and Robinson, Mark and Behera, Amar Kumar and Hogg, David and de Pennington, Alan and Earl, Christopher (2017) Embedding design structures in engineering information. [Dataset]

Heun, Matthew and Santos, João and Brockway, Paul E. and Pruim, Randall and Domingos, Tiago and Sakai, Marco (2017) Empirical datasets for Energies journal article 'From theory to econometrics to energy policy: Cautionary tales for policymaking using aggregate production functions'. [Dataset]

Atack, Margaret and Lloyd, Christopher and Nina, Wardleworth (2017) FRAME website and database archive. [Dataset]

Naicker, Selvaraj S and Rees, Simon J (2017) Geothermal heat pump system operational data: high frequency monitoring of a large university building. [Dataset]

McLauchlan, Anna (2017) Glasgow’s swimming pools 1804-2014. [Dataset]

MacKenzie, Lewis (2017) Graphic User Interfaces for the calculation of nanoparticle molecular weight. [Dataset]

Mooney, James (2017) How the Institutional Data Repository helped me promote my data. [Dataset]

Ries, Michael (2017) Influence of anion size on the properties of imidazolium-based ionic liquids. [Dataset]

Jull, Ethan and Gleeson, Helen (2017) Liquid Crystal Lyot Filter Data for Application as a Laser Filter. [Dataset]

Helliwell, Jack and Thomas, Daniel and Papathanasiou, Vaia and Homer-Vanniasinkam, Shervanthi and Desai, Amisha and Jennings, Louise and Rooney, Paul and Kearney, John and Ingham, Eileen (2017) Low concentration SDS decellularised porcine dermis. [Dataset]

Mengqiu, Li and Tuma, Roman and Jeuken, Lars J.C. (2017) MATLAB code for the analysis of proton transport activity in single liposomes. [Dataset]

Cookson, Nikki J. and Fowler, Jonathan M. and Martin, David P. and Fisher, Julie and Henkelis, James J. and Ronson, Tanya K. and Thorp-Greenwood, Flora L. and Willans, Charlotte E. and Hardie, Michaele J. (2017) Metallo-cryptophane cages from cis-linked and trans-linked strategies. [Dataset]

Chudpooti, Nonchanutt and Silavwe, Evans and Akkaraekthalin, Prayoot and Robertson, Ian and Somjit, Nutapong (2017) Nano-Fluidic Millimeter-Wave Lab-on-a-Waveguide Sensor for Liquid-Mixture Characterization. [Dataset]

Xu, Jiren and Morris, Paul J. and Liu, Junguo and Holden, Joseph (2017) PEATMAP: Refining estimates of global peatland distribution based on a meta-analysis. [Dataset]

Brockett, Claire and Carbone, Silvia and Fisher, John and Jennings, Louise (2017) PEEK and CFR-PEEK knee wear dataset. [Dataset]

Knox, CS and Morrison, C and Herling, Franz and Ritchie, DA and Newell, O and Myronov, M and Linfield, Edmund and Marrows, CH (2017) Partial hybridisation of electron-hole states in an InAs/GaSb double quantum well heterostructure dataset. [Dataset]

Dougan, Lorna and Lenton, Samuel and Rhys, Natasha and Towey, James and Soper, Alan (2017) Perchlorate neutron data. [Dataset]

Zhang, Zhaopeng and Kaur, Sarabjot and Gleeson, Helen F (2017) Polarised Raman spectroscopy and dielectric spectroscopy data of a polar smectic A liquid crystal system. [Dataset]

Polce, Chiara and Kunin, William E. (2017) SAR dataset for British plants. [Dataset]

Bretman, Amanda and Leech, Thomas and Sait, Steven (2017) Sex-specific effects of social isolation on ageing in Drosophila melanogaster dataset. [Dataset]

Goldsmith, Kathryn and Pittard, Julian (2017) Statistics, images, and other files pertaining to a comparison of shock-cloud and wind-cloud interactions. [Dataset]

Loving, MG and Barua, R and Le Graët, C and Kinane, Christian and Heiman, D and Langridge, Sean and Marrows, Christopher and Lewis, LH (2017) Strain-tuning of the Magnetocaloric Transition Temperature in Model FeRh Films dataset. [Dataset]

Solernou, Albert and Hanson, Benjamin S. and Richardson, Robin A and Welch, Robert and Harris, Sarah A. and Read, Daniel J. and Harlen, Oliver G. (2017) Study of the flexibility of GroEL through FFEA simulation and analysis. [Dataset]

Virzbickas, Karolis and Rimkute, Laura and Harvie, Andrew J and Critchley, Kevin (2017) Surfactant-dependent photoluminescence of CdTe/CdS nanocrystals: PL spectroscopy, absorption spectroscopy and TIRF data. [Dataset]

Mengqiu, Li and Tuma, Roman and Jeuken, Lars J.C. (2017) Time-resolved fluorescence microscopic data (traces) of individual lipid vesicles with proton transport activity. [Dataset]

O’Dwyer Lancaster-Jones, Oscar and Fisher, John and Al-Hajjar, Mazen (2017) An in vitro simulation model to assess the severity of edge loading and wear, due to variations in component positioning in hip joint replacements dataset. [Dataset]

Trigg, M.A. and Birch, C.E. and Neal, J.C. and Bates, P.D. and Smith, A. and Sampson, C.C. and Yamazaki, D. and Hirabayashi, Y. and Pappenberger, F. and Dutra, E. and Ward, P.J. and Winsemius, H.C. and Salamon, P and Dottori, F and Rudari, R. and Kappes, M.S. and Simpson, A.L. and Hadzilacos, G. and Fewtrell, T.J. (2016) Aggregated fluvial flood hazard output for six Global Flood Models for the African Continent. [Dataset]

Burge, Christina and Van Loo, Sven and Falle, Samuel and Hartquist, Thomas (2016) Ambipolar-diffusion regulated collapse of filaments. [Dataset]

Ingham, Eileen and Vafaee, Tayyebeh and Thomas, Daniel and Desai, Amisha and Jennings, Louise and Berry, Helen and Rooney, Paul and Kearney, John and Fisher, John (2016) Characteristics of low concentration SDS decellularised human donor aortic and pulmonary valved conduits. [Dataset]

Tatchell-Evans, Morgan and Kapur, Nik and Summers, Jonathan and Thompson, Harvey and Oldham, Dan (2016) Cold air bypass within contained aisle data centres - experimental bypass measurements and calculations undertaken to estimate flows through, and power consumptions of servers. [Dataset]

Brown, Gregory and Johnston, Katharine and Hoare, Melvin and Lumsden, Stuart (2016) Connecting low- and high-mass star formation: the intermediate-mass protostar IRAS 05373+2349 VLA 2 - Images. [Dataset]

Bao, Peng (2016) Data Associated with 'Controlling Transmembrane Protein Concentration in Supported Lipid Bilayers'. [Dataset]

Miles, Danielle and Wilcox, Ruth and Beales, Paul (2016) Data Associated with paper titled: Peptide:glycosaminoglycan hybrid hydrogels as an injectable intervention for spinal disc degeneration. [Dataset]

Greenall, Nicholas and Valavanis, Alexander and Desai, H.J. and Acheampong, D.O. and Li, Lianhe and Cunningham, John and Davies, A Giles and Linfield, Edmund and Burnett, Andrew (2016) Data associated with 'Design and Development of a Semtex Simulant Suitable for Measurements at THz Frequencies Using a Genetic Algorithm'. [Dataset]

Anduix-Canto, Clara (2016) Data associated with 'Effect of nanoscale confinement on the crystallization of potassium ferrocyanice'. [Dataset]

Williamson, Gary (2016) Data associated with 'Green tea catechins and their metabolites in human skin before and after exposure to ultraviolet radiation'. [Dataset]

Sugimoto, Satoshi (2016) Data associated with 'Observation of spin-wave Doppler shift in Co90Fe10/Ru micro-strips for evaluating spin polarization'. [Dataset]

Peyman, Sally A (2016) Data associated with 'On-chip preparation of nanoscale contrast agents toward high-resolution ultrasound imaging'. [Dataset]

Ye, Sunjie and Benz, Felix and Wheeler, May C. and Oram, Joseph and Baumberg, Jeremy J. and Cespedes, Oscar and Christenson, Hugo K. and Coletta, Patricia Louise and Jeuken, Lars J. C. and Markham, Alexander F. and Critchley, Kevin and Evans, Stephen D. (2016) Data associated with 'One-step Fabrication of Hollow-channel Gold Nanoflowers with Excellent Catalytic Performance and Large Single-particle SERS Activity'. [Dataset]

Grier, Andrew and Dean, Paul and Valavanis, Alexander and Keeley, James and Kundu, Iman and Cooper, Jonathan D. and Agnew, Gary and Taimre, Thomas and Lim, Yah Leng and Bertling, Karl and Rakic, Aleksandar and Harrison, Paul and Linfield, Edmund and Ikonic, Zoran and Davies, A Giles and Indjin, Dragan (2016) Data associated with 'Origin of terminal voltage variations due to self-mixing in terahertz frequency quantum cascade lasers'. [Dataset]

Addis, James and Mohammed, Noor and Rotimi, Olorunda and Magee, Derek and Jha, Animesh and Subramanian, Venkataraman (2016) Data associated with 'Raman spectroscopy of endoscopic colonic biopsies from patients with ulcerative colitis to identify mucosal inflammation and healing'. [Dataset]

Addis, James and Kaur, Sarabjot and Binks, David and Dickinson, Mark and Greco, Cristina and Ferrarini, Alberta and Görtz, Verena and Goodby, John and Gleeson, Helen (2016) Data associated with 'Second-harmonic generation and the influence of flexoelectricity in the nematic phases of bent-core oxadiazoles'. [Dataset]

Anastasiou, Antonios and Jha, Animesh and Mathieson, Robert and Andrew, Brown (2016) Data associated with 'Sintering of calcium phosphates with a femtosecond pulsed laser for hard tissue engineering'. [Dataset]

Greenall, Nicholas and Valavanis, Alexander and Desai, H.J. and Acheampong, D.O. and Li, Lianhe and Cunningham, John E and Davies, A Giles and Linfield, Edmund and Burnett, Andrew (2016) Data associated with 'The Development of a Semtex-H Simulant for Terahertz Spectroscopy'. [Dataset]

Subramanian, Priya and Archer, A.J. and Knobloch, E. and Rucklidge, Alastair (2016) Data associated with 'Three-dimensional Icosahedral Phase Field Quasicrystal'. [Dataset]

Bretman, Amanda and Rouse, James (2016) Data associated with Rouse and Bretman 2016 'Exposure time to rivals and sensory cues affect how quickly males respond to changes in sperm competition threat'. [Dataset]

Hong, Binbin and Swithenbank, Matthew and Somjit, Nutapong and Cunningham, John and Robertson, Ian (2016) Data associated with ‘Asymptotically single-mode small-core terahertz Bragg fibre with low loss and low dispersion’. [Dataset]

Wilcox, Ruth and Li, Junyan (2016) Data associated with ‘The influence of the representation of collagen fibre organisation on the cartilage contact mechanics of the hip joint’. [Dataset]

Cowie, Raelene and Jennings, Louise (2016) Data associated with “Influence of Third Body Particles Originating from Bone Void Fillers on the Wear of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene”. [Dataset]

Cowie, Raelene and Jennings, Louise (2016) Data associated with “PEEK-OPTIMA (Trademark) as an Alternative to Cobalt Chrome in the Femoral Component of Total Knee Replacement: A Preliminary Study”. [Dataset]

O'Sullivan, Daniel and Murray, Benjamin and Ross, James and Webb, Michael (2016) Data for "The adsorption of fungal ice-nucleating proteins on mineral dusts: a terrestrial reservoir of atmospheric ice-nucleating particles". [Dataset]

Dupont, Valerie (2016) Data for “Kinetics study and modelling of steam methane reforming process over a NiO/Al2O3 catalyst in an adiabatic packed bed reactor” in International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. [Dataset]

Witt, J.D.S. and Cooper, J.F.K. and Satchell, Nathan and Kinane, Christian and Curran, P.J. and Bending, S.J. and Langridge, Sean and Heydermann, L.J. and Burnell, Gavin (2016) Data set associated with 'Magnetic Phases of Sputter Deposited Thin-Film Erbium'. [Dataset]

Hardie, Michaele and Pritchard, Victoria and Thorp-Greenwood, Flora and Coogan, Michael (2016) Data to support study of synthesis and characterisation of rhenium tricarbonyl polypyridine-functionalised cyclotriguaiacyclene ligands. [Dataset]

Hardie, Michaele and Thorp-Greenwood, Flora and Brennan, Alexander and Oldknow, Samuel and Henkelis, James and Simmons, Katie and Fishwick, Colin (2016) Data to support study of synthesis of pseudorotaxanes from pillar[5]arene and cyclotriguaiacyclene-type axles. [Dataset]

Riley, Richard and Tate, James (2016) Database of third generation Toyota Prius operation over city centre taxi test routes. [Dataset]

Khan, RA and Shepley, PM and Hrabec, Ales and Wells, AWJ and Ocker, B and Marrows, Christopher and Moore, TA (2016) Dataset associated with "Effect of annealing on the interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction in Ta/CoFeB/MgO trilayers". [Dataset]

Abou-Saleh, Radwa H. (2016) Dataset associated with "Influence of intercalating perfluorohexane into the lipid shell on nano and microbubbles stability". [Dataset]

Wells, Adam and Shepley, Philippa and Marrows, Christopher and Moore, Thomas (2016) Dataset associated with 'Effect of interfacial intermixing on Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction in Pt/Co/Pt'. [Dataset]

Han, Yingjun (2016) Dataset associated with 'Extraction-controlled terahertz frequency quantum cascade lasers with a diagonal LO-phonon extraction and injection stage'. [Dataset]

Ali, Murat and Partridge, Susan and Al-Hajjar, Mazen (2016) Dataset associated with 'Influence of hip joint simulator design and mechanics on the wear and creep of metal-on-polyethylene bearings'. [Dataset]

Temple, Rowan and McLaren, Mathew and Drummond-Brydson, Richard and Hickey, BJ and Marrows, Christopher (2016) Dataset associated with 'Long spin lifetime and large barrier polarisation in single electron transport through a CoFe nanoparticle'. [Dataset]

Wareing, Christopher and Pittard, Julian and Falle, Samuel (2016) Dataset associated with 'Magnetohydrodynamic simulations of mechanical stellar feedback in a sheet-like molecular cloud'. [Dataset]

Harvie, Andrew J. and Booth, Matthew and Chantry, Ruth L. and Hondow, Nicole and Kepaptsoglou, Demie M. and Ramasse, Quentin M. and Evans, Stephen D. and Critchley, Kevin (2016) Dataset associated with 'Observation of Compositional Domains Within Individual Copper Indium Sulfide Quantum Dots'. [Dataset]

Satchell, Nathan and Witt, J.D.S. and Burnell, Gavin and Curran, P.J. and Kinane, Christian and Charlton, Timothy and Langridge, Sean and Cooper, J.F.K. (2016) Dataset associated with 'Probing the Spiral Magnetic Phase in 6 nm Textured Erbium using Polarised Neutron Reflectometry'. [Dataset]

Li, Shunbo (2016) Dataset associated with Rapid Preparation of Highly Reliable PDMS Double Emulsion Microfluidic Devices. [Dataset]

Harrison, Alexander D. and Whale, Thomas F. and Carpenter, Michael A . and Holden, Mark A. and Neve, Lesley and O'Sullivan, Daniel and Temprado, Jesus Vergara and Murray, Benjamin (2016) Dataset associated with ‘Not all feldspars are equal: a survey of ice nucleating properties across the feldspar group of minerals'. [Dataset]

Meng, Qingen and Damion, Robin and Wilcox, Ruth and Jones, Alison (2016) Dataset for "The Effect of Collagen Fibril Orientation on the Biphasic Mechanics of Articular Cartilage". [Dataset]

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