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Public trunk revision 3298 of BISICLES and revision 23085 of Chombo version 3

Matero, Ilkka and Gregoire, Lauren and Ivanovic, Ruza (2020) Public trunk revision 3298 of BISICLES and revision 23085 of Chombo version 3. University of Leeds. [Dataset]

Dataset description

This dataset contains archived versions of the model and modelling framework used for the simulations presented in the manuscript "Simulating the Early Holocene demise of the Laurentide Ice Sheet with BISICLES (public trunk revision 3298)". For access to the related manuscript and output data, please refer to the links under 'Related resources' below. Simulating the demise of the Laurentide Ice Sheet covering the Hudson Bay in the early Holocene is important for understanding the role of accelerated changes in ice sheet topography and melt in the '8.2 ka event', a century long cooling of the Northern Hemisphere by several degrees. Freshwater released from the ice sheet through a surface mass balance instability (known as the saddle collapse) has been suggested as a major forcing for the 8.2 ka event, but the temporal evolution of this pulse has not been constrained. Dynamical ice loss and marine interactions could have significantly accelerated the ice sheet demise, but simulating such processes requires computationally expensive models that are difficult to configure and are often impractical for simulating past ice sheets. Here, we developed an ice sheet model setup for studying the Laurentide Ice Sheet's Hudson Bay saddle collapse and the associated meltwater pulse in unprecedented detail using the BISICLES ice sheet model, an efficient marine ice sheet model of the latest generation, capable of refinement to kilometre-scale resolution and higher-order ice flow physics.

Additional information: BISICLES is released under the Chombo Copyright notice.
Keywords: Ice sheet modelling, Palaeoclimate, 8.2 ka event, BISICLES
Subjects: F000 - Physical sciences > F700 - Science of aquatic & terrestrial environments > F760 - Climatology > F764 - Climate & climate change
Divisions: Faculty of Environment > School of Earth and Environment > Earth Surface Science Institute
Faculty of Environment > School of Earth and Environment > Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science
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Date deposited: 01 Apr 2020 16:46




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