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Asymmetric Prehension Data

Mon-Williams, Mark (2017) Asymmetric Prehension Data. University of Leeds. [Dataset]

Dataset description

This dataset is supplied to accompany the paper entitled "Predicting the duration of reach-to-grasp movements to objects with asymmetric contact surfaces". It contains data from a series of experiments. In Experiment 1a, participants reached-to-lift wooden blocks off a table top, with the contact locations for the thumb and index finger varying in surface size. In Experiment 1b participants reached-to-grasp the wooden blocks. Experiment 2 tested whether our findings generalised to reach-to-grasp behaviour with conical frusta grasped in a different plane (thumb on top, finger on bottom) mounted off the table top. The thumb surface was the visible surface in experiments 1 and 2 so Experiment 3 explored grasping when the index finger’s surface was visible (participants grasped the frustae with the index finger at the top). Our findings provide the first empirical report of the impact of asymmetric grasp surfaces on prehension and may have implications for scientists who wish to model reach-to-grasp behaviours.

Additional information: This data was made available as part of the peer review process. 30/11/2017. Asymmetric Prehension Data file updated, 16/02/2018. Notes files updated 20/02/2018. Dataset finalised and DOI activated 20/02/2018
Keywords: prehension; grasp surface; reach-to-grasp; kinematics; movement; behaviour
Subjects: C000 - Biological sciences > C800 - Psychology
C000 - Biological sciences > C800 - Psychology > C830 - Methodological & conceptual issues in psychology > C831 - Research methods in psychology
C000 - Biological sciences > C800 - Psychology > C830 - Methodological & conceptual issues in psychology > C832 - Quantitative psychology
C000 - Biological sciences > C800 - Psychology > C850 - Cognitive & affective psychology > C856 - Experimental psychology
Divisions: Faculty of Medicine and Health > School of Psychology
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License: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)
Date deposited: 29 Nov 2017 17:28




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