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BL Fandom Survey

Madill, Anna (2020) BL Fandom Survey. University of Leeds. [Dataset]

Dataset description

Hello! My name is Anna. I am a fan of Boys' Love (BL) and an academic at the University of Leeds in the UK. This survey is for English-speaking BL fans. BL (also known as yaoi and including shonen-ai) originated in Japan and consists of female-oriented products such a manga, anime, and novels that focus on homoerotic relationships. By completing this survey you will be helping promote understanding of the BL fandom. The survey does not ask your name and I will not know who has completed it. I have ethical approval to conduct this research from my University: Ethics approval number 14-0210, 30th October 2014. This survey will take about 10 minutes to complete. Most questions just ask you to select an answer from a few options. However, there is sometimes space for you to explain your answer in your own words - but you can chose to complete as many or as few as these as you want. The survey has five sections: (A) demographics, (B) BL materials, (C) feelings about BL, (D) social relationships, and (E) other erotic materials. You can skip any question in section E you don't want to answer and can skip the whole of section E if you want. I will just be very grateful for any information you are willing to share with me about your interest in BL. There is space at the end for you to describe anything important to you about BL/yaoi/shonen-ai that has been missed from the survey, if you like.

Additional information: This survey is made available to allow readers of research articles to view the full content of the questions asked. It is not available for re-use in whole or in part
Subjects: C000 - Biological sciences > C800 - Psychology > C880 - Social psychology
Divisions: Faculty of Medicine and Health > School of Psychology
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