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Dataset associated with 'Quantification of Ebola virus replication kinetics in vitro'

Liao, Laura E. and Carruthers, Jonathan and Smither, Sophie J. and Weller, Simon A. and Williamson, Diane and Laws, Thomas R. and García-Dorival, Isabel and Hiscox, Julian and Holder, Benjamin P. and Beauchemin, Catherine A. A. and Perelson, Alan S. and López-García, Martín and Lythe, Grant and Barr, John and Molina-París, Carmen, CL4 Virology Team (2020) Dataset associated with 'Quantification of Ebola virus replication kinetics in vitro'. University of Leeds. [Dataset]

Dataset description

This dataset is associated with ‘Quantification of Ebola virus replication kinetics in vitro’. In the paper, a mathematical model is developed to describe the replication of Ebola virus in Vero cells. The model is parametrised using measurements of total and infectious extracellular virus at three different multiplicities of infection. The results provide insights into the distribution of time an infected cell spends in the eclipse phase (the period between infection and the start of virus production), as well as the rate at which infectious virions lose infectivity. Here, we provide all the experimental results necessary to parametrise the mathematical model.

Additional information: Content includes material subject to Dstl Crown Copyright [2020] This is the dataset of an open access article under the Open Government Licence (OGL)
Keywords: Ebola virus, mathematical modelling, virus replication kinetics, mathematical immunology
Divisions: Faculty of Biological Sciences > School of Molecular and Cellular Biology
Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences > School of Mathematics
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License: Open Government Licence 3.0 (OGL 3.0)
Date deposited: 23 Oct 2020 14:05




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