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Nano- and micro-patterning biotemplated magnetic CoPt arrays.

Galloway, Johanna and Bird, Scott and Talbot, Jennifer and Shepley, Philippa and Bradley, Ruth and Critchley, Kevin (2016) Nano- and micro-patterning biotemplated magnetic CoPt arrays. University of Leeds. [Dataset]

Dataset description

Patterned thin-films of magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) can be used to make high‑density data storage devices. High coercivity MNPs (e.g. L10 CoPt) are nano-patterned to create this bit-patterned media (BPM). This increases storage capacity by reducing bit size, which is highly desirable in developing smaller recording media for consumer devices . Conventional manufacture of BPM is not environmentally friendly as it uses high temperatures (500˚C) and high vacuum, which requires specialised equipment. To tackle these issues, we have taken inspiration from nature to create patterns of CoPt using a biotemplating peptide under mild conditions. Nano-patterning via interference lithography (IL) and micro-patterning using micro-contact printing (μCP) were used to create a peptide resistant mask onto a gold surface under ambient conditions. We redesigned a biotemplating peptide to self-assemble onto gold surfaces (cgsgktheihspllhk), and mineralised the patterns at 18˚C in water. Ferromagnetic CoPt is biotemplated by the immobilised peptides, and the patterned MNPs maintain stable magnetic domains. This bioinspired study offers an ecological route towards developing biotemplated.

Additional information: Dataset associated with J. M. Galloway, S. M. Bird, J. E. Talbot, P. M. Shepley, R. C. Bradley, O. El-Zubir, D. A. Allwood, G. J. Leggett, J. J. Miles, S. S. Staniland and K. Critchley (2016) Nano- and micro-patterning biotemplated magnetic CoPt arrays. Nanoscale, 8, 11738-11747. DOI:
Keywords: Bit patterned media, nanoscale
Subjects: F000 - Physical sciences > F300 - Physics
Divisions: Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences > Centre for Molecular Nanoscience (CMNS)
Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences > School of Physics and Astronomy
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License: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)
Date deposited: 07 Jun 2016 07:42




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