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Data associated with 'Effect of FePd alloy composition on the dynamics of artificial spin ice'

Morley, SA and Riley, ST and Porro, Jose Maria and Rosamond, Mark and Linfield, Edmund and Cunningham, John and Langridge, Sean and Marrows, CH (2017) Data associated with 'Effect of FePd alloy composition on the dynamics of artificial spin ice'. University of Leeds. [Dataset]

Dataset description

Artificial spin ices (ASI) are arrays of single domain nano-magnetic islands, arranged in geometries that give rise to frustrated magnetostatic interactions. It is possible to reach their ground state via thermal annealing. We have made square ASI using different FePd alloys to vary the magnetization via co-sputtering. From a polarized state the samples were incrementally heated and we measured the vertex population as a function of temperature using magnetic force microscopy. For the higher magnetization FePd sample, we report an onset of dynamics at $T = 493$ K, with a rapid collapse into $>90\%$ ground state vertices. In contrast, the low magnetization sample started to fluctuate at lower temperatures, $T = 393$ K and over a wider temperature range but only reached a maximum of $25\%$ of ground state vertices. These results indicate that the interaction strength, dynamic temperature range and pathways can be finely tuned using a simple co-sputtering process. In addition we have compared our experimental values of the blocking temperature to those predicted using the simple N\'{e}el-Brown two-state model and find a large discrepancy which we attribute to activation volumes much smaller than the island volume.

Subjects: F000 - Physical sciences > F300 - Physics > F320 - Chemical physics > F321 - Solid-state physics
Divisions: Faculty of Engineering > School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering
Faculty of Mathematics and Physical Sciences > School of Physics and Astronomy
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License: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)
Date deposited: 29 Jan 2018 15:43




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