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Abbas, Syed Zaheer and Dupont, Valerie and Mahmud, Tariq and Solis, Sergio Ramirez (2021) Data associated with 'Modeling of sorption enhanced steam methane reforming in an adiabatic packed bed reactor using various CO2 sorbents'. [Dataset]

Abou-Saleh, Radwa and Armistead, Fern and Batchelor, Damien and Johnson, Benjamin and Peyman, Sally and Evans, Stephen (2021) Data associated with 'Horizon: Microfluidic Platform for the Production of Therapeutic Microbubbles and Nanobubbles'. [Dataset]

Adams, Michael P. and Atanasova, Nina S. and Sofieva, Svetlana and Ravantti, Janne and Heikkinen, Aino and Brasseur, Zoé and Duplissy, Jonathan and Bamford, Dennis H. and Murray, Benjamin J. (2021) Data set for ice nucleation by viruses and their potential for cloud glaciation. [Dataset]

Alshammari, Khulaif and Haltz, Eloi and Alyami, Mohammed and Ali, Mannan and Keatley, Paul and Marrows, Christopher H. and Barker, Joseph and Moore, Thomas (2021) Dataset associated with 'Scaling of Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction with magnetization in Pt/Co(Fe)B/Ir multilayers'. [Dataset]

Arribas Perez, Marcos (2021) Dataset associated with 'Biomimetic curvature and tension-driven membrane fusion by silica nanoparticles’. [Dataset]


Basu, Basudha and Lake, Alice and Szymanska, Katarzyna and Wheway, Gabrielle and Bell, Sandra and Morrison, Ewan and Bond, Jacqueline and Johnson, Colin. A. (2021) Reverse genetics siRNA-based visual phenotype screen datasets identifying genes involved in supernumerary primary cilium formation. [Dataset]

Beadling, Andrew Robert and Bryant, Michael and Dowson, Duncan and Neville, Anne (2021) Adverse loading effects on tribocorrosive degradation of 28 mm metal-on-metal hip replacement bearings - Supporting Data. [Dataset]

Bernhofen, Mark V and Trigg, Mark and Sleigh, Andrew and Sampson, Christopher and Smith, Andrew (2021) River Flood Susceptibility Map. [Dataset]

Bond, Stephanie and Kirkby, Mike and Holden, Joseph (2021) Data associated with 'Upland grassland management influences organo-mineral soil properties and their hydrological function'. [Dataset]

Bretman, Amanda and Leech, Thomas and McDowall, Laurin and Hopkins, Kevin and Sait, Steven and Harrison, Xavier (2021) Data associated with Leech, McDowall et al 2021 microbiome composition and predicted function. [Dataset]

Brockway, Paul and Semieniuk, Gregor and Aramendia, Emmanuel (2021) Datasets for Energy efficiency and economy-wide rebound effects: a review of the evidence and its implications. University of Leeds. [Dataset]. [Dataset]

Burchill, Susan and Roundhill, Elizabeth (2021) DeSeq2 output comparing the total RNA sequencing gene expression data of paired patient derived Ewing sarcoma and Ewing sarcoma CSCs. [Dataset]

Burchill, Susan and Roundhill, Elizabeth (2021) Total RNA sequencing of patient derived Ewing sarcoma and Ewing sarcoma CSCs. [Dataset]

Bushby, Richard and Bramble, Jonathan P and Tate, Daniel J. and Evans, Stephen D. and Lydon, John E (2021) Alternating Defects and Egg and Dart Textures in De-wetted Stripes of Discotic Liquid Crystal. [Dataset]

Butt, Edward and Conibear, Luke and Knote, Christoph and Spracklen, Dominick (2021) Supplementary Data for: Large air quality and public health impacts due to Amazonian deforestation fires in 2019. [Dataset]


Carrivick, Jonathan L. (2021) Supporting datasets for 'Accelerated mass loss of Himalayan glaciers since the Little Ice Age'. [Dataset]

Cocco, Paola (2021) Technical report on discrete event simulation model on diagnostic tests for Clostrioides difficile infection. [Dataset]

Conibear, Luke and Reddington, Carly L. and Silver, Ben J. and Chen, Ying and Knote, Christoph and Arnold, Stephen R. and Spracklen, Dominick V. (2021) Supplementary Data - Statistical emulation of winter ambient fine particulate matter concentrations from emission changes in China. [Dataset]

Cowie, Raelene M and Jennings, Louise M (2021) Data associated with “Third Body Damage and Wear in Arthroplasty Bearing Materials: A Review of Laboratory Methods”. [Dataset]

Cowie, Raelene M. and Jennings, Louise M. (2021) Data associated with “An experimental simulation model to assess wear of the porcine patellofemoral joint”. [Dataset]


Day, Gavin A. and Jones, Alison C. and Wilcox, Ruth K. (2021) Dataset asssociated with 'Using Statistical Shape and Appearance Modelling to characterise the 3D shape and material properties of human lumbar vertebrae: A proof of concept study. [Dataset]

Desai, Amisha and Ingham, Eileen and Berry, Helen E and Fisher, John and Jennings, Louise M (2021) The effect of decellularisation on the real time mechanical fatigue of porcine aortic heart valve roots. [Dataset]


Fahy, William D. and Maters, Elena and Giese-Miranda, Rona and Adams, Michael P. and Jahn, Leif G. and Sullivan, Ryan C. and Murray, Benjamin J. (2021) Dataset associated with "Volcanic ash ice nucleation activity is variably reduced by aging in water and sulfuric acid: the effects of leaching, dissolution, and precipitation". [Dataset]

Franke, Kevin Jean Alfons (2021) Switching between Magnetic Bloch and Néel Domain Walls with Anisotropy Modulations - dataset. [Dataset]


Galloway, Johanna M. and Bray, Harriet E. V. and Shoemark, Deborah K. and Hodgson, Lorna R. and Coombs, Jennifer and Mantell, Judith M. and Rose, Ruth S. and Ross, James F. and Morris, Caroline and Harniman, Robert L. and Wood, Christopher W. and Arthur, Christopher and Verkade, Paul and Woolfson, Derek N. (2021) De Novo Designed Peptide and Protein Hairpins Self-assemble into Sheets and Nanoparticles - dataset. [Dataset]

Giniaux, Jeanne (2021) Gravity campaigns at Askja Volcano (Iceland), in 2015, 2016 and 2017, using the Scintrex CG-5 968. [Dataset]

Goddard, Mark and Dallimer, Martin (2021) A global horizon scan of the future impacts of robotics and autonomous systems on urban ecosystems. [Dataset]

Graham, Ailish (2021) Impact of the 2019/2020 Australian megafires on Air Quality and Health. [Dataset]

Green, David (2021) Dataset for Dichroic Calcite Reveals the Pathway from Additive Binding to Occlusion. [Dataset]


Halcrow, Malcolm A and Capel Berdiell, Izar and Davies, Daniel J. and Woodworth, Jack and Kulmaczewski, Rafal and Cespedes, Oscar (2021) Data to support study of The Structures and Spin States of Iron(II) Complexes of Isomeric 2,6-Di(1,2,3-triazolyl)pyridine Ligands. [Dataset]

Halcrow, Malcolm A and Capel Berdiell, Izar and García-López, Victor and Howard, Mark J. and Clemente-León, Miguel (2021) Data to support study of The Effect of Tether Groups on the Spin States of Iron(II)/Bis[2,6-Di(pyrazol-1-yl)pyridine] Complexes. [Dataset]

Halcrow, Malcolm A and Capel Berdiell, Izar and Kulmaczewski, Rafał and Namrah, Shahid and Cespedes, Oscar (2021) Data to support study of The Number and Shape of Lattice Solvent Molecules Controls Spin-Crossover in an Isomorphous Series of Crystalline Solvate Salts. [Dataset]

Halcrow, Malcolm A and Galadzhun, Iurii and Kulmaczewski, Rafal and Cespedes, Oscar (2021) Data to support study of Iron/2,6-Di(pyrazol-1-yl)pyridine Derivatives with a Discotic Pattern of Alkyl or Alkynyl Substituents. [Dataset]

Halcrow, Malcolm A and Galadzhun, Iurii and Kulmaczewski, Rafał and Shahid, Namrah and Cespedes, Oscar (2021) Data to support study of The Flexibility of Long Chain Substituents Influences Spin-Crossover in Isomorphous Lipid Bilayer Crystals. [Dataset]

Halcrow, Malcolm A and Kulmaczewski, Rafał and Howard, Mark J (2021) Data to support study of Influence of Ligand Substituent Conformation on the Spin State of an Iron(II)/Di(pyrazol-1-yl)pyridine Complex. [Dataset]

Halcrow, Malcolm A and Shahid, Namrah and Burrows, Kay E. and Howard, Mark J. and Pask, Christopher M. and Cespedes, Oscar and McGowan, Patrick C. (2021) Data to support study of The Spin States of Diastereomeric Iron(II)/Bis[2,6-Di(thiazolin-2-yl)-pyridine] (ThioPyBox) Complexes, and a Comparison with the Corresponding PyBox Derivatives. [Dataset]

Hancock, Ashley M. and Son, Minjung and Nairat, Muath and Wei, Tiejun and Jeuken, Lars J. C. and Duffy, Christopher D. P. and Schlau-Cohen, Gabriela S. and Adams, Peter G. (2021) Dataset for the study of Ultrafast energy transfer between lipid-linked chromophores and plant Light-Harvesting Complex II. [Dataset]

Hanson, Benjamin and Dougan, Lorna (2021) Intermediate structural hierarchy in biological networks modulates the fractal dimension and force distribution of percolating clusters - Simulation Data. [Dataset]

Hardie, Michaele J. and Britton, Edward and Ansell, Richard J. and Howard, Mark J. (2021) Palladium azo cages. [Dataset]

Hart, Peter and Pike, Mark and Liddle, Anna (2021) Narnian Virtues - Year 3 Qualitative Data. [Dataset]

Ho, Peter (2021) Consumer Healthy Eating and Wellbeing (CHEW) datasets. [Dataset]

Ho, Peter and Beggs, Lauryn (2021) Consumer Healthy Eating 2021 dataset. [Dataset]

Ho, Peter and Fathy, Jade (2021) Consumer Healthy Eating 2020 dataset. [Dataset]

Ho, Peter and Ledger, Georgina (2021) Consumer Healthy Eating 2019 dataset. [Dataset]

Ho, Peter and Ogier, Kane (2021) Consumer Healthy Eating and wellbeing 2021 dataset. [Dataset]

Ho, Peter and Yeardley, Eliza (2021) Consumer Healthy Eating and Wellbeing 2020 dataset. [Dataset]

Holden, Mark A. and Campbell, James M. and Meldrum, Fiona C. and Murray, Benjamin J. and Christenson, Hugo K. (2021) Dataset associated with 'Active sites for ice nucleation differ depending on nucleation mode'. [Dataset]

Howson, Tim (2021) Data associated with 'A comparison of porewater chemistry between intact, afforested and restored raised and blanket bogs'. [Dataset]

Howson, Tim (2021) Data associated with 'The effect of forest-to-bog restoration on the hydrological functioning of raised and blanket bogs'. [Dataset]

Hughes, Matthew and Hanson, Benjamin (2021) In situ protein unfolding defines network architecture and mechanics of protein hydrogels - Results and Analysis. [Dataset]

Hughes, Ruth (2021) The Temple Newsam Picture Gallery Suite: under the microscope. [Dataset]


Ivanova, Diana and Middlemiss, Lucie (2021) Dataset associated with "Characterising the energy use of disabled people in the European Union towards inclusion in the energy transition". [Dataset]

Ivanova, Diana and Middlemiss, Lucie (2021) Dataset associated with "Energy use and needs of disabled people in the EU: towards inclusion in the energy transition". [Dataset]


Jahani, Faezeh and Etchels, Lee W. and Wang, Lin and Thompson, Jonathan and Barton, David and Wilcox, Ruth K. and Fisher, John and Jones, Alison C. (2021) Dataset supporting the publication “Importance of dynamics in the finite element prediction of plastic damage of polyethylene acetabular liners under edge loading conditions”. [Dataset]


Kaptan, Gulbanu and Unsworth, Kerrie L. and Russell, Sally V. and Quested, Thomas E. and Doriza, Aggelina and Bretter, Christian (2021) Determinants of Household Food Waste in the UK (of the UKRI/ESRC project on Capitalising on COVID-19 as a Trigger for Positive Change in Food Waste Behaviour). [Dataset]

Kew, Ben and Holmes, Melvin and Stieger, Markus and Sarkar, Anwesha (2021) Data associated with 'Oral tribology, adsorption and rheology of alternative food proteins'. [Dataset]

Kuruvila, Arun and Linfield, Edmund and Marrows, Christopher H (2021) Data associated with QuESTech Deliverable 3.2. [Dataset]


Laurent, Harrison and Ries, Michael and Soper, Alan and Dougan, Lorna and Baker, Daniel (2021) Bridging Structure, Dynamics, and Thermodynamics: An Example Study on Aqueous Potassium Halides - dataset. [Dataset]

Lehman, Julia and Roberts, Frances (2021) CH2I2 Spectral Data. [Dataset]

Lockwood, Alexander (2021) Data associated with 'Structure and sedimentation characterisation of sheared Mg(OH)2 suspensions flocculated with anionic polymers'. [Dataset]

Lockwood, Alexander P.G. and Kok Shun, Philip and Peakall, Jeffrey and Warren, Nicholas J. and Barber, Thomas and Basharat, Nabil and Randall, Geoff and Barnes, Martyn and Harbottle, David and Hunter, Timothy N. (2021) Flotation using sodium dodecyl sulphate and sodium lauroyl isethionate for rapid dewatering of Mg(OH)2 radwaste suspensions - dataset. [Dataset]


Mangan, Thomas P and Plane, John M C and Murray, Benjamin J (2021) X-ray diffraction patterns for water ice at low pressures between 88-145 K - dataset. [Dataset]

Mapplebeck, Sarah and Shalashilin, Dmitry (2021) Data to support ‘Simulation of protein pulling dynamics on second time scale with boxed molecular dynamics’. [Dataset]

Meredith, Sophie A. and Yoneda, Takuro and Hancock, Ashley M. and Connell, Simon D. and Evans, Stephen D. and Morigaki, Kenichi and Adams, Peter G. (2021) Dataset for the study of “Model Lipid Membranes Assembled from Natural Plant Thylakoids into 2D Microarray Patterns as a Platform to Assess the Organization and Photophysics of Light‐Harvesting Proteins”. [Dataset]

Moody, Catherine and Worrall, Fred (2021) DOC nutrient addition experiments. [Dataset]


Newham, George and Evans, Stephen D. and Ong, Zhan Yuin (2021) Mechanically Tuneable Physical Nanocomposite Hydrogels from Polyelectrolyte Complex Templated Silica Nanoparticles for Anionic Therapeutic Delivery - Dataset. [Dataset]

Nieto, Jaime and Pollitt, Hector and Brockway, Paul and Clements, Lucy and Sakai, Marco and Barrett, John (2021) Datasets for Socio-macroeconomic impacts of implementing different post-Brexit UK energy reduction targets to 2030. [Dataset]

Norbertczak, Halina (2021) Biological, mechanical and structural data associated with the decellularisation of human bone tibial plateau and femoral head trabecular bone. [Dataset]


Park, SaeJune and Cunningham, John and Parker-Jervis, Rowan (2021) Dataset associated with "Enhanced Terahertz Spectral-Fingerprint Detection of α-Lactose Using Sub-Micron-Gap On-Chip Waveguides". [Dataset]

Park, SaeJune and Cunningham, John and Parker-Jervis, Rowan (2021) Dataset associated with "Terahertz Magnetoplasmon Resonances in Coupled Cavities Formed in a Gated Two-dimensional Electron Gas". [Dataset]

Park, SaeJune and Cunningham, John and Parker-Jervis, Rowan (2021) Dataset associated with "Tuneable Terahertz Band-Stop Filter using Strongly Coupled Split Ring Resonators Integrated with On-Chip Waveguide". [Dataset]

Parker, Douglas J. (2021) GCRF African SWIFT Skills Matrix for Professionals in the Field of African Meteorology. [Dataset]

Pauly, Leo and Hogg, David C and Fuentes, Raul (2021) Leeds Manipulation Dataset (LMD). [Dataset]

Pimm, Andrew and Cockerill, Tim and Gale, William (2021) Model input data for 'Energy system requirements of fossil-free steelmaking using hydrogen direct reduction'. [Dataset]

Pittard, Julian (2021) Dataset associated with the paper "How to inflate a wind-blown bubble". [Dataset]

Pittard, Julian and Romero, Gustavo E and Vila, Gabriela S (2021) Data associated with the paper "Particle acceleration and non-thermal emission in colliding-wind binary systems" to be published in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. [Dataset]

Prakaash, Dheeraj and Cook, Graham and Acuto, Oreste and Kalli, Antreas (2021) Data associated with 'Multi-scale simulations of the T cell receptor reveal its lipid interactions, dynamics and the arrangement of its cytoplasmic region'. [Dataset]

Putra, Santosa Sandy and Holden, Joseph and Baird, Andy (2021) Water-level and rainfall data of Sebangau Tropical Peatland, Kalimantan, Indonesia. [Dataset]


Radajewski, Dimitry and Meldrum, Fiona (2021) Dataset for 'An Innovative Data Processing Method for Studying Nanoparticle Formation in Droplet Microfluidics using X-rays Scattering'. [Dataset]

Raistrick, Thomas and Mistry, Devesh and Zhang, Zhaopeng and Mattsson, Johan and Gleeson, Helen F (2021) Dataset associated with “Understanding the Physics of the Auxetic Response in a Liquid Crystal Elastomer”. [Dataset]

Raistrick, Thomas and Reynolds, Matthew and Gleeson, Helen F and Mattsson, Johan (2021) Dataset associated with “Influence of liquid crystallinity and mechanical deformation on the molecular relaxations of an auxetic liquid crystal elastomer”. [Dataset]

Reddington, Carly L. and Conibear, Luke (2021) Supplementary Data - Air Pollution from Forest and Vegetation Fires in Southeast Asia Disproportionately Impacts the Poor. [Dataset]

Ries, Michael (2021) Data for Time-temperature superposition of the dissolution of silk fibres in the ionic liquid 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium acetate. [Dataset]

Ries, Michael (2021) Data for Rheological and NMR Studies of Cellulose Dissolution in the Ionic Liquid BmimAc. [Dataset]

Robinson, Suzanne and Ivanovic, Ruza and van de Flierdt, Tina and Blanchet, Cécile L. and Tachikawa, Kazuyo and Martin, Ellen E. and Falko, Carys and Williams, Trevor and Gregoire, Lauren and Plancherel, Yves and Jeandel, Catherine and Arsouze, Thomas (2021) Supplementary: Global continental and marine detrital εNd: an updated compilation for use in understanding marine Nd cycling. [Dataset]

Roxburgh, Nicholas and Stringer, Lindsay C. and Evans, Andrew and GC, Raj K. and Malleson, Nick and Heppenstall, Alison (2021) Nepal Stressor Interaction Model (Nepal SIM). [Dataset]

Rubino, Pierluigi and Keeley, James and Sulollari, Nikollao and Burnett, Andrew D and Valavanis, Alex and Kundu, Imon and Rosamond, Mark C. and Li, Lianhe and Linfield, Edmund H. and Davies, A. Giles and Cunningham, John E. and Dean, Paul (2021) Dataset associated with "All-electronic phase-resolved THz microscopy using the self-mixing effect in a semiconductor laser". [Dataset]


Sanchez-Marroquin, Alberto and West, Jonathan S and Burke, Ian and McQuaid, James B and Murray, Benjamin John (2021) Mineral and biological ice-nucleating particles above the South East of the British Isles. [Dataset]

Sarrami-Foroushani, Ali and Lassila, Toni and MacRaild, Michael and Asquith, Joshua and Roes, Kit C.B. and Byrne, James V. and Frangi, Alejandro F. (2021) In-silico trial of intracranial flow diverters replicates and expands insights from conventional clinical trials. [Dataset]

Stefanou, G and Menges, F. and Boehm, B and Moran, K.A. and Adams, J. and Ali, M. and Rosamond, M.C. and Gotsmann, B. and Allenspach, R. and Burnell, G. and Hickey, B.J. (2021) Scanning Thermal Microscopy and Ballistic Phonon Transport in Lateral Spin Valves - dataset. [Dataset]

Stribițcaia, Ecaterina and Gibbons, Catherine and Sier, Joanne and Boesch, Christine and Blundell, John and Finlayson, Graham and Sarkar, Anwesha (2021) Data associated with 'Effects of oral lubrication on satiety, satiation and salivary biomarkers in model foods: A pilot study'. [Dataset]


Talbott, Harriet and Wilkins, Richard and Redmond, Anthony and Brockett, Claire and Mengoni, Marlene (2021) Changes in Morphology of the Haemophilic Talus: data derived from MR Images. [Dataset]

Tande, Lifita N. and Resendiz-Mora, Erik and Dupont, Valerie (2021) Bioh2, Heat and Power from Palm Empty Fruit Bunch via Pyrolysis-Autothermal Reforming: Plant Simulation, Experiments, and CO2 Mitigation - data. [Dataset]

Tande, Lifita N. and Resendiz-Mora, Erik and Dupont, Valerie and Twigg, Martyn V. (2021) Dataset associated with 'Autothermal reforming of acetic acid to hydrogen and syngas on Ni and Rh catalysts'. [Dataset]

Tarn, Mark D. and Sikora, Sebastien N. F. and Porter, Grace C. E. and Shim, Jung-uk and Murray, Benjamin J. (2021) Data for "Homogeneous freezing of water using microfluidics". [Dataset]

Tinsley, Luke and Harris, Russell (2021) A Novel Computer-Controlled Maskless Fabrication Process for Pneumatic Soft Actuators. [Dataset]


Wagstaff, Jayne and Hamann, Magnus and Bryant, Louise and Ahmed, Shenaz and Stokoe, Elizabeth (2021) Conversation Analytic Role-play Method in Antenatal Screening Conversations (The Convene Study) - Antenatal appointment transcripts. [Dataset]

Walton, Adam and Ghesquière, Anne and Jennings, David and Varcoe, Ben (2021) Displaced thermal state QKD simulation data set: Mutual information changes with loss. [Dataset]

Walton, Adam and Varcoe, Ben and Jennings, David and Ghesquière, Anne (2021) Thermal State QKD simulation results data set. [Dataset]

Warren, James P. and Miles, Danielle E. and Kapur, Nikil and Wilcox, Ruth K. and Beales, Paul A. (2021) Hydrodynamic mixing tunes the stiffness of proteoglycan-mimicking physical hydrogels. [Dataset]

White, Paul and Haysom, Samuel and Iadanza, Matthew G. and Higgins, Anna J. and Machin, Jonathan and Whitehouse, James and Carpenter-Platt, Charlotte and Horne, Jim E. and Brockwell, David J. and Ranson, Neil A. and Radford, Sheena E. (2021) Supporting data for “The role of membrane destabilisation and protein dynamics in BAM catalysed OMP folding”. [Dataset]

Williams, Bevelynn and López-García, Martín and Gillard, Joseph J and Laws, Thomas R. and Lythe, Grant and Carruthers, Jonathan and Finnie, Thomas and Molina-París, Carmen (2021) A stochastic intracellular model of anthrax infection with spore germination heterogeneity (Computer Codes). [Dataset]

Wright, Judy and Jones, Daniel (2021) Search strategies to investigate decision making by older adults and appraisal by GPs following cancer symptoms. [Dataset]

Wu, Mengyao and Gani, Hanis and Marafie, Wasan and Viney, Sara and Ho, Peter and Orfila, Caroline (2021) Ginger pasta satiety - raw data. [Dataset]

Wyatt, Peter J. M. and Nagaraj, Mamatha and Jones, J. Cliff (2021) A self-healing ferroelectric liquid crystal electro-optic shutter based on vertical surface-relief grating alignment - data. [Dataset]


Yan, Na and Colombera, Luca and Mountney, Nigel P. (2021) Data summary of 34 meander-belt cases simulated by PB-SAND model. [Dataset]

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