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Abou-Saleh, Radwa H. (2016) Dataset associated with "Influence of intercalating perfluorohexane into the lipid shell on nano and microbubbles stability". [Dataset]

Addis, James and Kaur, Sarabjot and Binks, David and Dickinson, Mark and Greco, Cristina and Ferrarini, Alberta and Görtz, Verena and Goodby, John and Gleeson, Helen (2016) Data associated with 'Second-harmonic generation and the influence of flexoelectricity in the nematic phases of bent-core oxadiazoles'. [Dataset]

Addis, James and Mohammed, Noor and Rotimi, Olorunda and Magee, Derek and Jha, Animesh and Subramanian, Venkataraman (2016) Data associated with 'Raman spectroscopy of endoscopic colonic biopsies from patients with ulcerative colitis to identify mucosal inflammation and healing'. [Dataset]

Ali, Murat and Partridge, Susan and Al-Hajjar, Mazen (2016) Dataset associated with 'Influence of hip joint simulator design and mechanics on the wear and creep of metal-on-polyethylene bearings'. [Dataset]

Alomari, Muhannad and Dukes, Kais (2016) Extended train robots. [Dataset]

Alsiary, Hind Abdullah (2016) Mapping the field of children’s literature translation in Saudi Arabia: Translation flow in accordance with Socio-Cultural norms. Bibliographical Data List - Part of Doctoral Thesis. [Dataset]

Anastasiou, Antonios and Jha, Animesh and Mathieson, Robert and Andrew, Brown (2016) Data associated with 'Sintering of calcium phosphates with a femtosecond pulsed laser for hard tissue engineering'. [Dataset]

Andean, James (2016) Electroacoustic Mythmaking: National Grand Narratives in Electroacoustic Music. [Dataset]

Anduix-Canto, Clara (2016) Data associated with 'Effect of nanoscale confinement on the crystallization of potassium ferrocyanice'. [Dataset]

Angliss, Sarah (2016) Keynote 3: Music at any cost - fulfilling our desires for intense sonic experiences in the electric and pre-electric eras. [Dataset]

Austin, Kevin (2016) A Brief Speculative History of EA in Canada. [Dataset]


Bacon, David R and Burnett, Andrew and Swithenbank, Matthew and Russell, Christopher and Li, Lianhe and Wood, Christopher and Cunningham, John and Linfield, Edmund and Davies, A Giles and Dean, Paul and Freeman, Joshua R (2016) Dataset relating to "Free-space terahertz radiation from a LT-GaAs-on-quartz large-area photoconductive emitter". [Dataset]

Bao, Peng (2016) Data Associated with 'Controlling Transmembrane Protein Concentration in Supported Lipid Bilayers'. [Dataset]

Beadling, Andrew Robert (2016) A Link Between the Tribology and Corrosive Degradation of Metal-on-Metal THRs – Supporting Data. [Dataset]

Bertolani, Valentina (2016) The First Festival of Live Electronic Music at the University of California Davis (1967). [Dataset]

Born, Georgina (2016) Keynote 5: How can and should we write alternative histories of electronic musics? New thoughts on time, history, and electronic musics. [Dataset]

Bosma, Hannah (2016) The (lack of) documentation and canonization of interdisciplinary electroacoustic music. [Dataset]

Bowers, John (2016) The Victorian Synthesizer. [Dataset]

Bretman, Amanda and Rouse, James (2016) Data associated with Rouse and Bretman 2016 'Exposure time to rivals and sensory cues affect how quickly males respond to changes in sperm competition threat'. [Dataset]

Brilmayer, Benedikt (2016) The Trautonium: Oskar Sala and the development of electronic music in Germany. [Dataset]

Brockett, Claire and Carbone, Silvia and Abdelgaied, Abdellatif and Fisher, John and Jennings, Louise (2016) PEEK CFR-PEEK pin plate study dataset. [Dataset]

Brown, Gregory and Johnston, Katharine and Hoare, Melvin and Lumsden, Stuart (2016) Connecting low- and high-mass star formation: the intermediate-mass protostar IRAS 05373+2349 VLA 2 - Images. [Dataset]

Burge, Christina and Van Loo, Sven and Falle, Samuel and Hartquist, Thomas (2016) Ambipolar-diffusion regulated collapse of filaments. [Dataset]


Camacho, Diana M. and Roberts, Kevin J. (2016) Raw data for the analysis of the growth kinetics and morphology of methyl stearate crystals growing in n-dodecane, kerosene and toluene. [Dataset]

Campbell, James M. and Meldrum, Fiona C. and Christenson, Hugo K. (2016) Observing the Formation of Ice and Organic Crystals in Active Sites. [Dataset]

Cheng, Feng (2016) Supporting data for “Temperature-programmed reduction of nickel steam reforming catalyst with glucose”. [Dataset]

Cowie, Raelene and Jennings, Louise (2016) Data associated with “Influence of Third Body Particles Originating from Bone Void Fillers on the Wear of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene”. [Dataset]

Cowie, Raelene and Jennings, Louise (2016) Data associated with “PEEK-OPTIMA (Trademark) as an Alternative to Cobalt Chrome in the Femoral Component of Total Knee Replacement: A Preliminary Study”. [Dataset]

Cox, Geoffrey (2016) ‘Sound was an end in itself’: Early documentary sound and the prefiguring of musique concrete. [Dataset]


Dack, John (2016) The language connection in early electronic music: French and German approaches. [Dataset]

Dal Farra, Ricardo (2016) Why didn’t you tell me this before? (Maybe you didn’t want to hear this side of the story). [Dataset]

Du, Heshan and Cohn, Anthony (2016) An Ontology of Soil Properties and Processes. [Dataset]

Duckworth, Paul and Alomari, Muhannad and Cohn, Anthony (2016) Mobile robot observing kitchen activities - University of Leeds. [Dataset]

Duckworth, Paul and Alomari, Muhannad and Cohn, Anthony (2016) Mobile robot observing kitchen activities - University of Leeds. [Dataset]

Duckworth, Paul and Jovan, Ferdian and Kunze, Lars (2016) STRANDS people trajectories - G4S deployment. [Dataset]

Dupont, Valerie (2016) Data for “Kinetics study and modelling of steam methane reforming process over a NiO/Al2O3 catalyst in an adiabatic packed bed reactor” in International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. [Dataset]

Dupont, Valerie (2016) Supporting data for “Direct reduction of nickel catalyst with model bio-compounds”. [Dataset]


Emmerson, Simon (2016) Keynote 1: The Many Histories. [Dataset]

Evans, RML and Welsh, Tom and Hall, Craig (2016) XY model steady state phase diagram. [Dataset]


Feshareki, Shiva and Hewitt, Ivan (2016) ‘Still Point’ - An Unknown Precursor of Today's Electronic Music. [Dataset]

Freeman, Joshua R and A. Mohandas, Reshma and Rosamond, Mark and Hatem, Osama and Chowdhury, Siddhant and Ponnampalam, Lalitha and Fice, Martyn and Seeds, Alwyn J and Cannard, Paul J and Robertson, Michael J and Moodie, David G and Cunningham, John and Linfield, Edmund and Davies, A Giles and Dean, Paul (2016) Generation of continuous wave terahertz frequency radiation from MOCVD grown Fe-doped InGaAs and InGaAsP. [Dataset]


Galloway, Johanna and Bird, Scott and Talbot, Jennifer and Shepley, Philippa and Bradley, Ruth and Critchley, Kevin (2016) Nano- and micro-patterning biotemplated magnetic CoPt arrays. [Dataset]

Gardner, James (2016) The Don Banks Music Box to The Putney: The genesis and evolution of the VCS3 synthesiser. [Dataset]

Goldsmith, Kathryn and Pittard, Julian (2016) Raw data, statistics, and images pertaining to the interaction of a magnetohydrodynamical shock with a filament. [Dataset]

Green, David (2016) Dataset for 3D Visualization of Additive Occlusion and Tunable Full-Spectrum Fluorescence in Calcite. [Dataset]

Green, David and Ihli, Johannes and Kim, Yi-Yeoun and Chong, Samantha and Lee, Phillip A and Empson, Christopher and Meldrum, Fiona (2016) Dataset for Rapid-Screening of Calcium Carbonate Precipitation in the Presence of Amino Acids. [Dataset]

Green, Owen (2016) A role for contingent histories in teaching electronic music? [Dataset]

Greenall, Nicholas and Valavanis, Alexander and Desai, H.J. and Acheampong, D.O. and Li, Lianhe and Cunningham, John and Davies, A Giles and Linfield, Edmund and Burnett, Andrew (2016) Data associated with 'Design and Development of a Semtex Simulant Suitable for Measurements at THz Frequencies Using a Genetic Algorithm'. [Dataset]

Greenall, Nicholas and Valavanis, Alexander and Desai, H.J. and Acheampong, D.O. and Li, Lianhe and Cunningham, John E and Davies, A Giles and Linfield, Edmund and Burnett, Andrew (2016) Data associated with 'The Development of a Semtex-H Simulant for Terahertz Spectroscopy'. [Dataset]

Grier, Andrew and Dean, Paul and Valavanis, Alexander and Keeley, James and Kundu, Iman and Cooper, Jonathan D. and Agnew, Gary and Taimre, Thomas and Lim, Yah Leng and Bertling, Karl and Rakic, Aleksandar and Harrison, Paul and Linfield, Edmund and Ikonic, Zoran and Davies, A Giles and Indjin, Dragan (2016) Data associated with 'Origin of terminal voltage variations due to self-mixing in terahertz frequency quantum cascade lasers'. [Dataset]


Han, Yingjun (2016) Dataset associated with 'Extraction-controlled terahertz frequency quantum cascade lasers with a diagonal LO-phonon extraction and injection stage'. [Dataset]

Hardie, Michaele and Fowler, Jonathan and Thorp-Greenwood, Flora and Willans, Charlotte and Warriner, Stuart (2016) M12L8 metallo-supramolecular cube with cyclotriguaiacylene-type ligand: spontaneous resolution of cube and its constituent host ligand. [Dataset]

Hardie, Michaele and Pritchard, Victoria and Thorp-Greenwood, Flora and Coogan, Michael (2016) Data to support study of synthesis and characterisation of rhenium tricarbonyl polypyridine-functionalised cyclotriguaiacyclene ligands. [Dataset]

Hardie, Michaele and Thorp-Greenwood, Flora and Brennan, Alexander and Oldknow, Samuel and Henkelis, James and Simmons, Katie and Fishwick, Colin (2016) Data to support study of synthesis of pseudorotaxanes from pillar[5]arene and cyclotriguaiacyclene-type axles. [Dataset]

Harrison, Alexander D and Whale, Thomas and Carpenter, Michael A and Holden, Mark and Neve, Lesley and O'Sullivan, Daniel and Temprado, Jesus Vergara and Murray, Benjamin (2016) Dataset associated with ‘Not all feldspars are equal: a survey of ice nucleating properties across the feldspar group of minerals'. [Dataset]

Harvie, Andrew J. and Booth, Matthew and Chantry, Ruth L. and Hondow, Nicole and Kepaptsoglou, Demie M. and Ramasse, Quentin M. and Evans, Stephen D. and Critchley, Kevin (2016) Dataset associated with 'Observation of Compositional Domains Within Individual Copper Indium Sulfide Quantum Dots'. [Dataset]

Haworth, Christopher (2016) The Hauntological Turn: Genealogy, History Making, and ‘the Contemporary’ in Electronic Music. [Dataset]

Helliwell, Ian (2016) Tape Leaders - Excavating early British electronic music. [Dataset]

Hession, Paul (2016) Tony Oxley: Music from Knives and Egg Slicers. [Dataset]

Hong, Binbin and Swithenbank, Matthew and Somjit, Nutapong and Cunningham, John and Robertson, Ian (2016) Data associated with ‘Asymptotically single-mode small-core terahertz Bragg fibre with low loss and low dispersion’. [Dataset]

Hrabec, Ales and Goncalves, Francisco and Spencer, Charles and Arenholz, Elke and N'Diaye, Alpha and Stamps, Robert and Marrows, Christopher (2016) Spin-orbit interaction enhancement in permalloy thin films by Pt-doping. [Dataset]

Hua, Xijin and Fisher, John (2016) Finite element model for the modular total hip replacements: investigation of edge loading during daily activities. [Dataset]


Ingham, Eileen and Jones, Gemma and Herbert, Anthony and Berry, Helen and Edwards, Jennifer and Fisher, John (2016) Decellularisation and characterisation of porcine superflexor tendon: a potential anterior cruciate ligament replacement. [Dataset]

Ingham, Eileen and Vafaee, Tayyebeh and Thomas, Daniel and Desai, Amisha and Jennings, Louise and Berry, Helen and Rooney, Paul and Kearney, John and Fisher, John (2016) Characteristics of low concentration SDS decellularised human donor aortic and pulmonary valved conduits. [Dataset]


Kaur, Sarabjot and Gleeson, Helen (2016) Graphene electrodes for adaptive liquid crystal contact lenses. [Dataset]

Khan, RA and Shepley, PM and Hrabec, Ales and Wells, AWJ and Ocker, B and Marrows, Christopher and Moore, TA (2016) Dataset associated with "Effect of annealing on the interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction in Ta/CoFeB/MgO trilayers". [Dataset]

Kim, Suk-Jun (2016) Searching for Alternative Histories in Electronic Music through a Survey on Discourses of Space-Place Relations. [Dataset]

Kim, Yi-Yeoun (2016) Dataset for 'Strain-Relief by Single Dislocation Loops in Calcite Crystals Grown on Self-Assembled Monolayers'. [Dataset]

Kim, Yi-Yeoun (2016) Dataset for 'Tuning hardness in calcite by incorporation of amino acids'. [Dataset]

Kolkowski, Aleks and Reuben, Federico (2016) Singing Arcs: Sounding the Early History of Electronic Music. [Dataset]

Kulak, Alexander and Grimes, Rebecca and Kim, Yi-Yeoun and Semsarilar, Mona and Anduix-Canto, Clara and Cespedes, Oscar and Armes, Steven P. and Meldrum, Fiona C. (2016) Polymer-Directed Assembly of Single Crystal Zinc Oxide/ Magnetite Nanocom-posites under Atmospheric and Hydrothermal Conditions. [Dataset]


Landy, Leigh (2016) Keynote 4: Rethinking the History of Sound-based Music. [Dataset]

Levenstein, Mark A. (2016) Dataset for 'A reproducible approach to the assembly of microcapillaries for double emulsion production'. [Dataset]

Li, Shunbo (2016) Dataset associated with Rapid Preparation of Highly Reliable PDMS Double Emulsion Microfluidic Devices. [Dataset]

Linch, Kevin (2016) Individual records of desertion from the British Army 1807-1815. [Dataset]

Linch, Kevin (2016) Portsmouth Volunteers 1803-1805 correspondence. [Dataset]


Magnusson, Thor (2016) Generative Music: A Form without a Format. [Dataset]

Makhov, Dmitry and Martinez, Todd and Shalashilin, Dmitrii (2016) Data associated with 'Toward fully quantum modelling of ultrafast photodissociation imaging experiments. Treating tunnelling in the ab initio multiple cloning approach'. [Dataset]

McFarlane, Laura and Altringham, John and Askew, Graham (2016) Take-off flight performance in blue tits. [Dataset]

McLean, Alex (2016) Unravelling live coding. [Dataset]

Meng, Qingen and Damion, Robin and Wilcox, Ruth and Jones, Alison (2016) Dataset for "The Effect of Collagen Fibril Orientation on the Biphasic Mechanics of Articular Cartilage". [Dataset]

Mengoni, Marlène and Wilcox, Ruth (2016) Ovine annulus fibrosus damage material model calibration data set. [Dataset]

Miles, Danielle and Wilcox, Ruth and Beales, Paul (2016) Data Associated with paper titled: Peptide:glycosaminoglycan hybrid hydrogels as an injectable intervention for spinal disc degeneration. [Dataset]

Monroe, Alexei (2016) Industrial Activity: Kraftwerk's Radio-Activity as dystopian sonic template. [Dataset]

Mooney, James (2016) Hugh Davies, "Galactic Interfaces", "Mobile with Differences", and "Printmusic"; Alex McLean, "Printmusic - Live Coded"; and David Keane, "Les Voix Spectrales": Performances by Grey Area and Alex McLean, with pre-concert lecture by James Mooney. [Dataset]

Mooney, James (2016) Hugh Davies, "Quintet" and "Music for a Single Spring"; Stockhausen, "Verbindung" and "Intensitat" from "Aus den Sieben Tagen"; Christian Wolff, "Edges"; and Owen Green, "Neither the Time nor the Energy": Performances by Grey Area, with pre-concert lecture by James Mooney. [Dataset]

Mooney, James (2016) Hugh Davies, "Voice", "Not to be Loaded with Fish", and "Birth of Live Electronic Music"; plus improvisations: Performances by Steve Beresford, Phil Minton, Aleks Kolkowski and Sean Williams, with pre-concert lecture by James Mooney. [Dataset]

Mooney, James and Boon, Tim and Schampaert, Dorien (2016) International Conference: Alternative Histories of Electronic Music, 2016. [Dataset]

Mooney, John W. and Ghasemi-Roudsari, Shima and Banham, Edward Reade and Pawlowski, Nick and Varcoe, Benjamin T. H. (2016) Time series and images for 'A Portable Diagnostic Device for Cardiac Magnetic Field Mapping'. [Dataset]

Morgan, Frances (2016) The problem with pioneers: how media narratives of exceptional women distort the history of female involvement in electronic music. [Dataset]


Neely III, Ryan R and Schmidt, Anja (2016) VolcanEESM: Global volcanic sulphur dioxide (SO2) emissions database from 1850 to present. [Dataset]


O'Sullivan, Daniel and Murray, Benjamin and Ross, James and Webb, Michael (2016) Data for "The adsorption of fungal ice-nucleating proteins on mineral dusts: a terrestrial reservoir of atmospheric ice-nucleating particles". [Dataset]

Ojanen, Mikko (2016) Electroacoustic music in Finland in the 1960s and 1970s: a case study of Erkki Kurenniemi’s music and instrument design. [Dataset]

Oladokun, Abimbola (2016) Fretting of CoCrMo and Ti6Al4V Alloys in Modular Prostheses. [Dataset]

Otto, Andi (2016) Fello demo. [Dataset]

Otto, Andi (2016) The early years of STEIM. Ambiguities of "Electro-Instrumental" music. [Dataset]


Palermo, Settimio Fiorenzo (2016) Serendipitous and Subversive: A Critical Organology of Hugh Davies’s Found Instruments. [Dataset]

Parolini, Giuditta (2016) Music Without Musicians: Pietro Grossi’s Experience in Electronic and Computer Music. [Dataset]

Patteson, Thomas (2016) Organic Instruments: Early Electrophones and the Valorization of Technology in the Weimar Republic. [Dataset]

Peyman, Sally A. (2016) Data associated with 'On-chip preparation of nanoscale contrast agents toward high-resolution ultrasound imaging'. [Dataset]

Pigott, Jon (2016) Electromechanical Perspectives of Sound and Music. [Dataset]

Pinch, Trevor (2016) Keynote 2: Electronic Music Filtered Through Science and Technology Studies. [Dataset]

Price, Hannah and Mattsson, Johan and Murray, Benjamin (2016) Datasets associated with 'Sucrose diffusion in aqueous solution'. [Dataset]

Price, Peter (2016) The Cosmic Vision and Telepathic Following of Bruce Haack. [Dataset]

Purser, Simon and Lumsden, Stuart and Hoare, Melvin and Urquhart, James and Cunningham, Nichol and Purcell, Cormac and Brooks, Kate and Garay, Guido and Guzman, Andres and Voronkov, Maxim (2016) A search for ionized jets towards massive young stellar objects. [Dataset]


Richards, Tom (2016) Mini Oramics: Potential and Actuality. [Dataset]

Riley, Richard and Tate, James (2016) Database of third generation Toyota Prius operation over city centre taxi test routes. [Dataset]


Saladin, Matthew (2016) Electro-acoustic feedback and the birth of sound installations. [Dataset]

Satchell, Nathan and Witt, J.D.S. and Burnell, Gavin and Curran, P.J. and Kinane, Christian and Charlton, Timothy and Langridge, Sean and Cooper, J.F.K. (2016) Dataset associated with 'Probing the Spiral Magnetic Phase in 6 nm Textured Erbium using Polarised Neutron Reflectometry'. [Dataset]

Schampaert, Dorien (2016) The Ondes Martenot: Constructing Narratives of Obsolescence. [Dataset]

Schedel, Margaret (2016) Color is the Keyboard. [Dataset]

Sinsheimer Vandagriff, Rachel (2016) The Pre-History of the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center. [Dataset]

Smirnov, Andrey (2016) Music out of Noise, Light and Paper. Russia’s contribution to the history of electronic music and audio technology. [Dataset]

Subramanian, Priya and Archer, A.J. and Knobloch, E. and Rucklidge, Alastair (2016) Data associated with 'Three-dimensional Icosahedral Phase Field Quasicrystal'. [Dataset]

Sugimoto, Satoshi (2016) Data associated with 'Observation of spin-wave Doppler shift in Co90Fe10/Ru micro-strips for evaluating spin polarization'. [Dataset]


Tatchell-Evans, Morgan and Kapur, Nik and Summers, Jonathan and Thompson, Harvey and Oldham, Dan (2016) Cold air bypass within contained aisle data centres - experimental bypass measurements and calculations undertaken to estimate flows through, and power consumptions of servers. [Dataset]

Teboul, Ezra (2016) Silicon Luthiers: a component-level history of electronic music. [Dataset]

Temple, Rowan and McLaren, Mathew and Drummond-Brydson, Richard and Hickey, BJ and Marrows, Christopher (2016) Dataset associated with 'Long spin lifetime and large barrier polarisation in single electron transport through a CoFe nanoparticle'. [Dataset]

Trigg, M.A. and Birch, C.E. and Neal, J.C. and Bates, P.D. and Smith, A. and Sampson, C.C. and Yamazaki, D. and Hirabayashi, Y. and Pappenberger, F. and Dutra, E. and Ward, P.J. and Winsemius, H.C. and Salamon, P and Dottori, F and Rudari, R. and Kappes, M.S. and Simpson, A.L. and Hadzilacos, G. and Fewtrell, T.J. (2016) Aggregated fluvial flood hazard output for six Global Flood Models for the African Continent. [Dataset]


Wareing, Christopher J and Pittard, Julian and Falle, Samuel (2016) Dataset associated with 'Magnetohydrodynamic simulations of mechanical stellar feedback in a sheet-like molecular cloud'. [Dataset]

Watson, Joe (2016) Interference patterns: reframing historical perspectives on interconnections between electronic music and cybernetics. [Dataset]

Weium, Frode (2016) Popular entertainers, radio hobbyist and film composers. Alternative (pre)histories of electronic music. [Dataset]

Wells, Adam and Shepley, Philippa and Marrows, Christopher and Moore, Thomas (2016) Dataset associated with 'Effect of interfacial intermixing on Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction in Pt/Co/Pt'. [Dataset]

Wilcox, Ruth and Li, Junyan (2016) Data associated with ‘The influence of the representation of collagen fibre organisation on the cartilage contact mechanics of the hip joint’. [Dataset]

Williams, Sean (2016) The Hohner Electronium: a 1950s portable monophonic valve synthesizer. [Dataset]

Williamson, Gary (2016) Data associated with 'Green tea catechins and their metabolites in human skin before and after exposure to ultraviolet radiation'. [Dataset]

Wilson, Daniel (2016) Failed Histories of Electronic Music. [Dataset]

Witt, J.D.S. and Cooper, J.F.K. and Satchell, Nathan and Kinane, Christian and Curran, P.J. and Bending, S.J. and Langridge, Sean and Heydermann, L.J. and Burnell, Gavin (2016) Data set associated with 'Magnetic Phases of Sputter Deposited Thin-Film Erbium'. [Dataset]

Woulds, Clare and Bouillon, Steven and Cowie, Gregory and Drake, Bert and Middelburg, Jack and Witte, Ursula and Schwartz, Matthew and Jeffreys, Rachel and Larkin, Kate and Gooday, Andy and Whitcraft, Christine (2016) Benthic pulse-chase isotope tracer experiments in Loch Etive and the Ythan estuary. [Dataset]

Wu, Jingbo and Sydoruk, Oleksiy and Mayorov, Alexander S and Wood, Christopher and Mistry, Divyang and Li, Lianhe and Linfield, Edmund and Davies, A Giles and Cunningham, John (2016) Dataset relating to 'Time domain measurement of terahertz magnetoplasmon resonance in a two-dimensional electron system through direct pulse injection'. [Dataset]


Ye, Sunjie and Benz, Felix and Wheeler, May C. and Oram, Joseph and Baumberg, Jeremy J. and Cespedes, Oscar and Christenson, Hugo K. and Coletta, Patricia Louise and Jeuken, Lars J. C. and Markham, Alexander F. and Critchley, Kevin and Evans, Stephen D. (2016) Data associated with 'One-step Fabrication of Hollow-channel Gold Nanoflowers with Excellent Catalytic Performance and Large Single-particle SERS Activity'. [Dataset]


Zattra, Laura (2016) Collaboration and Musical Assistants at IRCAM, CCRMA, and CSC. [Dataset]

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