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Armistead, Fern J. and Batchelor, Damien V. B. and Johnson, Benjamin and Evans, Stephen D. (2023) QCM-D investigations on cholesterol-DNA tethering of liposomes to microbubbles for therapy. [Dataset]

Arribas Perez, Marcos (2021) Dataset associated with 'Biomimetic curvature and tension-driven membrane fusion by silica nanoparticles’. [Dataset]


Bao, Peng (2016) Data Associated with 'Controlling Transmembrane Protein Concentration in Supported Lipid Bilayers'. [Dataset]

Brown, Christa P. and Hughes, Matt D. G. and Mahmoudi, Najet and Brockwell, David J. and Coletta, Louise and Peyman, Sally A. and Evans, Stephen D. and Dougan, Lorna (2023) Encapsulation of Microbubbles within Folded Protein Hydrogels: Effects on the mechanical and structural properties. [Dataset]


Caudwell, Jack A. and Tinkler, Jordan M. and Johnson, Ben R. G. and McDowall, Kenneth J. and Tiede, Christian and Tomlinson, Darren C. and Freear, Steven and Turnbull, W. Bruce and Evans, Stephen D. and Sandoe, Jonathan A. T. (2022) Protein-conjugated microbubbles for the selective targeting of S. aureus biofilms - dataset. [Dataset]

Chammas, Oliver and Bonass, William A. and Thomson, Neil H. (2017) Dataset associated with the "Effect of heparin and heparan sulphate on open promoter complex formation for a simple tandem gene model system using ex-situ atomic force microscopy". [Dataset]

Chau, Chalmers and Marcuccio, Fabio and Soulias, Dimitrios and Edwards, Martin Andrew and Tuplin, Andrew and Radford, Sheena E. and Hewitt, Eric and Actis, Paolo (2022) Data set for Probing RNA conformations using a polymer electrolyte solid-state nanopore. [Dataset]


Dewison, Katherine and Radford, Sheena (2024) Residues 2 to 7 of α-synuclein regulate amyloid formation via lipid-dependent and lipid-independent pathways. [Dataset]

Dobson, John and Kumar, Amit and Willis, Leon and Higazi, Daniel and Turner, Richard and Lowe, David and Tuma, Roman and Ashcroft, Alison and Radford, Sheena and Kapur, Nikil and Brockwell, David (2017) Data associated with 'Inducing protein aggregation by extensional flow'. [Dataset]

Doherty, Ciaran P. A. and Ulamec, Sabine M. and Maya-Martinez, Roberto and Good, Sarah C. and Makepeace, Jemma and Khan, G. Nasir and Oosten-Hawle, Patricija van and Radford, Sheena E. and Brockwell, David J. (2019) Data associated with 'A short motif in the N-terminal region of alpha-synuclein plays a critical role in aggregation and function'. [Dataset]


Ebo, Jessica S. and Saunders, Janet C. and Devine, Paul W. A. and Gordon, Alice M. and Warwick, Amy S. and Schiffrin, Bob and Chin, Stacey E. and England, Elizabeth and Button, James D. and Lloyd, Christopher and Bond, Nicholas J. and Ashcroft, Alison E. and Radford, Sheena E. and Lowe, David C. and Brockwell, David J. (2019) Data associated with 'An in vivo platform to select and evolve aggregation-resistant proteins'. [Dataset]


Gala de Pablo, Julia (2018) Dataset associated with Tandem fluorescence and Raman (fluoRaman) characterisation of a novel photosensitiser in colorectal cancer cell line SW480. [Dataset]


Hancock, Ashley M. and Son, Minjung and Nairat, Muath and Wei, Tiejun and Jeuken, Lars J. C. and Duffy, Christopher D. P. and Schlau-Cohen, Gabriela S. and Adams, Peter G. (2021) Dataset for the study of Ultrafast energy transfer between lipid-linked chromophores and plant Light-Harvesting Complex II. [Dataset]

Hanson, Benjamin and Dougan, Lorna (2021) Intermediate structural hierarchy in biological networks modulates the fractal dimension and force distribution of percolating clusters - Simulation Data. [Dataset]

Hollingsworth, Kristian and Turnbull, Bruce (2019) Dataset associated with "Directed assembly of homo-pentameric globular proteins into high-order structures using coiled-coil appendages". [Dataset]


Karamanos, Theodoros and Jackson, Matthew P and Calabrese, Antonio N and Goodchild, Sophia C and Cawood, Emma E and Thompson, Gary S and Kalverda, Arnout P and Hewitt, Eric W and Radford, Sheena (2019) Structural mapping of oligomeric intermediates in an amyloid assembly pathway - dataset. [Dataset]

Kpeglo, Delanyo (2022) Modeling the Mechanical Stiffness of Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma: dataset. [Dataset]


Lane, Benjamin J and Ma, Yue and Yan, Nana and Wang, Bolin and Ackermann, Katrin and Karamanos, Theodoros K and Bode, Bela E and Pliotas, Christos (2024) Monitoring the Conformational Ensemble and Lipid Environment of a Mechanosensitive Channel Under Cyclodextrin-Induced Membrane Tension. [Dataset]

Le Huray, Kyle I.P. (2022) Simulation data from the publication "Characterization of the membrane interactions of phospholipase Cγ reveals key features of the active enzyme". [Dataset]

Le Huray, Kyle I.P. and Kalli, Antreas C. (2022) Systematic simulation of the interactions of Pleckstrin homology domains with membranes: dataset. [Dataset]

Lee, Andrew J. and Sharma, Rajan and Hobbs, Jamie K and Walti, Christoph (2017) Dataset associated with the publication 'Cooperative RecA Clustering: The Key to Efficient Homology Searching'. [Dataset]


Machin, Jonathan (2023) Protein–lipid charge interactions control the folding of outer membrane proteins into asymmetric membranes. [Dataset]

Marcuccio, Fabio and Soulias, Dimitrios and Chi Cheng Chau, Chalmers and Radford, Sheena E. and Hewitt, Eric W. and Actis, Paolo and Edwards, Martin A. (2022) Data for "Mechanistic Study of the Conductance and Enhanced Single-Molecule Detection in a Polymer Electrolyte Nanopore". [Dataset]

Mazurenko, Ievgen and Jeuken, Lars (2018) Data for Timelapse (movie) of single vesicles fluorescence change upon potential application. [Dataset]

Meredith, Sophie A. and Yoneda, Takuro and Hancock, Ashley M. and Connell, Simon D. and Evans, Stephen D. and Morigaki, Kenichi and Adams, Peter G. (2021) Dataset for the study of “Model Lipid Membranes Assembled from Natural Plant Thylakoids into 2D Microarray Patterns as a Platform to Assess the Organization and Photophysics of Light‐Harvesting Proteins”. [Dataset]


Richardson, Robin A. and Hanson, Benjamin S. and Harris, Sarah A. (2020) Axonemal Dynein FFEA. [Dataset]

Roach, Lucien and Booth, Mary E. and Ingram, Nicola and Paterson, Daniel A. and Batchelor, Damien V. B. and Moorcroft, Samuel C. T. and Bushby, Richard J. and Coletta, P. Louise and Critchley, Kevin and Evans, Stephen D. (2020) Evaluating Phospholipid-Functionalized Gold Nanorods for in vivo Applications. [Dataset]


Wang, Bolin and Lane, Benjamin and Kapsalis, Charalampos and Ault, James and Sobott, Frank and El Mkami, Hassane and Calabrese, Antonio N. and Kalli, Antreas and Pliotas, Christos (2020) Pocket delipidation induced by membrane tension or modification leads to a structurally analogous mechanosensitive channel state. [Dataset]

Waterhouse, Mark P. and Harris, Sarah A. (2017) Molecular dynamics simulation set up files and compressed trajectories for 'Adhirons inhibit immune complex binding to FcγRIIIa by competition and allostery.'. [Dataset]

Wehrum, Sarah and Siukstaite, Lina and Williamson, Daniel J. and Branson, Thomas R. and Sych, Taras and Madl, Josef and Wildsmith, Gemma C. and Dai, Wenyue and Kempmann, Erik and Ross, James F. and Thomsen, Maren and Webb, Michael E. and Römer, Winfried and Turnbull, W. Bruce (2022) Membrane fusion mediated by non-covalent binding of re-engineered cholera toxin assemblies to glycolipids. [Dataset]

White, Joshua and Silale, August and van den Berg, Bert and Ranson, Neil (2023) Outer membrane utilisomes mediate glycan uptake in gut Bacteroidetes - dataset. [Dataset]

White, Paul and Haysom, Samuel and Iadanza, Matthew G. and Higgins, Anna J. and Machin, Jonathan and Whitehouse, James and Carpenter-Platt, Charlotte and Horne, Jim E. and Brockwell, David J. and Ranson, Neil A. and Radford, Sheena E. (2021) Supporting data for “The role of membrane destabilisation and protein dynamics in BAM catalysed OMP folding”. [Dataset]

Wright, Megan and Warriner, Stuart and Field (nee Legge), Devon and White, Jack (2023) FPR1 photoaffinity probe - associated data. [Dataset]

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