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Abou-Saleh, Radwa and Delaney, Aileen and Ingram, Nicola and Johnson, Benjamin and Bushby, Richard J. and Peyman, Sally A. and Colletta, Louisa P. and Markham, Alexander F. and Evans, Stephen D. (2020) Freeze-dried therapeutic microbubbles: stability and gas exchange. [Dataset]

Abou-Saleh, Radwa H. (2016) Dataset associated with "Influence of intercalating perfluorohexane into the lipid shell on nano and microbubbles stability". [Dataset]

Abou-Saleh, Radwa H. and Hernandez-Gomez, Mercedes and Amsbury, Sam and Paniagua, Candelas and Bourdon, Matthieu and Miyashima, Shunsuke and Helariutta, Yka and Fuller, Martin and Budtova, Tatiana and Connell, Simon and Ries, Michael E. and Benitez-Alfonso, Yoselin (2018) Dataset associated with 'Interactions between callose and cellulose revealed through the analysis of biopolymer mixtures'. [Dataset]

Adams, Peter and Vasilev, Cvetelin and Hunter, C. Neil and Johnson, Matthew (2018) Dataset for a study correlating fluorescence quenching and topographic mapping of LHCII aggregates and lipid bilayers. [Dataset]

Aubrey, Liam D and Ulamec, Sabine M. and Ninkina, Natalia and Abramycheva, Natalia Y. and Limorenko, Galina and Vasili, Eftychia and Devine, Oliver M. and Wilkinson, Martin and Walko, Martin and Outeiro, Tiago F. and Chaprov, Kirill D. and Muwanga, Sarah and Amadio, Leonardo and Peters, Owen M. and Illarioshkin, Sergey N. and Ranson, Neil A and Brockwell, David J. and Buchman, Vladimir L. and Radford, Sheena E. (2023) Substitution of Met-38 to Ile in gamma-synuclein found in two patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis induces aggregation into amyloid. [Dataset]


Chammas, Oliver and Bonass, William A. and Thomson, Neil H. (2017) Dataset associated with the "Effect of heparin and heparan sulphate on open promoter complex formation for a simple tandem gene model system using ex-situ atomic force microscopy". [Dataset]


Dobson, John and Kumar, Amit and Willis, Leon and Higazi, Daniel and Turner, Richard and Lowe, David and Tuma, Roman and Ashcroft, Alison and Radford, Sheena and Kapur, Nikil and Brockwell, David (2017) Data associated with 'Inducing protein aggregation by extensional flow'. [Dataset]


Gala de Pablo, Julia and Armistead, Fern and Peyman, Sally A. and Bonthron, David and Lones, Michael and Smith, Stephen and Evans, Stephen D. (2018) Dataset associated with 'Biochemical fingerprint of colorectal cancer cell lines using label-free live single-cell Raman spectroscopy'. [Dataset]

Goodchild, James and Walsh, Danielle and Connell, Simon (2019) Dataset associated with “Nanoscale Substrate Roughness Hinders Domain Formation in Supported Lipid Bilayers”. [Dataset]


Hancock, Ashley and Meredith, Sophie and Connell, Simon and Jeuken, Lars and Adams, Peter (2019) Dataset for the study of proteoliposomes as energy-transferring materials: enhancing the spectral range of light-harvesting proteins using lipid-linked chromophores. [Dataset]

Hancock, Ashley M. and Son, Minjung and Nairat, Muath and Wei, Tiejun and Jeuken, Lars J. C. and Duffy, Christopher D. P. and Schlau-Cohen, Gabriela S. and Adams, Peter G. (2021) Dataset for the study of Ultrafast energy transfer between lipid-linked chromophores and plant Light-Harvesting Complex II. [Dataset]

Hernández-Navarro, Lluís and Asker, Matthew and Mobilia, Mauro (2023) Data set of the manuscript: Coupled environmental and demographic fluctuations shape the evolution of cooperative antimicrobial resistance. [Dataset]

Hughes, Matt D.G. and Cussons, Sophie and Mahmoudi, Najet and Brockwell, David and Dougan, Lorna (2020) Single Molecule Protein Stabilisation Translates to Macromolecular Mechanics of Protein Network - Dataset. [Dataset]


Jeuken, Lars (2018) MatLab codes for Tracking Analysis and Shannon Entropy Analysis. [Dataset]


Laurent, Harrison and Soper, Alan and Dougan, Lorna (2019) Biomolecular Self-Assembly Under Extreme Martian Mimetic Conditions - dataset. [Dataset]

Laurent, Harrison and Soper, Alan and Dougan, Lorna (2020) Trimethylamine N-oxide (TMAO) Resists The Compression of Water Structure by Magnesium Perchlorate : Terrestrial Kosmotrope vs Martian Chaotrope - dataset. [Dataset]


Mazurenko, Ievgen and Jeuken, Lars (2018) Data for Timelapse (movie) of single vesicles fluorescence change upon potential application. [Dataset]

Mengqiu, Li and Tuma, Roman and Jeuken, Lars J.C. (2017) MATLAB code for the analysis of proton transport activity in single liposomes. [Dataset]

Mengqiu, Li and Tuma, Roman and Jeuken, Lars J.C. (2017) Time-resolved fluorescence microscopic data (traces) of individual lipid vesicles with proton transport activity. [Dataset]

Meredith, Sophie A. and Kusunoki, Yuka and Connell, Simon D. and Morigaki, Kenichi and Evans, Stephen D. and Adams, Peter G. (2023) Dataset for the study of Self-quenching behaviour of a fluorescent probe incorporated within lipid membranes explored using electrophoresis and fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy. [Dataset]

Meredith, Sophie A. and Yoneda, Takuro and Hancock, Ashley M. and Connell, Simon D. and Evans, Stephen D. and Morigaki, Kenichi and Adams, Peter G. (2021) Dataset for the study of “Model Lipid Membranes Assembled from Natural Plant Thylakoids into 2D Microarray Patterns as a Platform to Assess the Organization and Photophysics of Light‐Harvesting Proteins”. [Dataset]


Nasralla, Mazin and Laurent, Harrison and Alderman, Oliver and Headen, Thomas and Dougan, Lorna (2024) Peptide-urea-TMAO diffraction data. [Dataset]


Peyman, Sally A. (2016) Data associated with 'On-chip preparation of nanoscale contrast agents toward high-resolution ultrasound imaging'. [Dataset]


Solernou, Albert and Hanson, Benjamin S. and Richardson, Robin A and Welch, Robert and Harris, Sarah A. and Read, Daniel J. and Harlen, Oliver G. (2017) Study of the flexibility of GroEL through FFEA simulation and analysis. [Dataset]

Solernou, Albert and Hanson, Benjamin S. and Richardson, Robin A and Welch, Robert and Read, Daniel J. and Harlen, Oliver G. and Harris, Sarah A. (2018) Analysis and comparison of FFEA with all-atom molecular dynamics. [Dataset]

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