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Abdelgaied, Abdellatif and Jennings, Louise M (2022) Data associated with 'Understanding the differences in wear testing method standards for total knee replacement'. [Dataset]

Aramendia, Emmanuel and Heun, Matthew K. and Brockway, Paul E. and Taylor, Peter G. (2022) Dataset associated with "Developing a Multi-Regional Physical Supply Use Table framework to improve the accuracy and reliability of energy analysis". [Dataset]


Baker, Daniel and Reynolds, Matthew and Masurel, Robin and Olmsted, Peter D. and Mattsson, Johan (2022) Data associated with 'Cooperative Intramolecular Dynamics Control the Chain-Length-Dependent Glass Transition in Polymers'. [Dataset]

Bale, Catherine and Barns, David and Turner, Josh (2022) Supplementary material: Shared ground heat exchange for the decarbonisation of heat. [Dataset]

Batchelor, Matthew and Dawber, Robert S. and Wilson, Andrew J. and Bayliss, Richard (2022) Helix stabilization in a basic kinase-substrate motif: CD and NMR datasets. [Dataset]

Brown, Aaron E. and Hammerton, James M. and Carmargo-Valero, Miller Alonso and Ross, Andrew B. (2022) Integration of Hydrothermal Carbonisation and Anaerobic Digestion for the Energy Valorisation of Grass - Supporting Data. [Dataset]

Butt, Edward (2022) Achieving Brazil’s deforestation target will deliver air quality and public health benefits: dataset. [Dataset]


Carrivick, Jonathan L. (2022) Greenland ice-marginal lakes: present and future status dataset. [Dataset]

Caudwell, Jack A. and Tinkler, Jordan M. and Johnson, Ben R. G. and McDowall, Kenneth J. and Tiede, Christian and Tomlinson, Darren C. and Freear, Steven and Turnbull, W. Bruce and Evans, Stephen D. and Sandoe, Jonathan A. T. (2022) Protein-conjugated microbubbles for the selective targeting of S. aureus biofilms - dataset. [Dataset]

Colombera, Luca (2022) FRG-SMRG Coastal rivers avulsion dataset. [Dataset]

Comer, Christine and Ammendolia, Carlo and Battié, Michele C. and Bussières, André and Fairbank, Jeremy and Haig, Andrew and Melloh, Markus and Redmond, Anthony and Schneider, Michael J. and Standaert, Christopher J. and Tomkins-Lane, Christy and Williamson, Esther and Wong, Arnold Y.L. (2022) Lumbar Spinal Stenosis treatment algorithm consensus - an international Delphi study. [Dataset]

Conibear, Luke and Reddington, Carly L. and Silver, Ben J. and Chen, Ying and Knote, Christoph and Arnold, Stephen R. and Spracklen, Dominick V. (2022) Supplementary Data: Sensitivity of Air Pollution Exposure and Disease Burden to Emission Changes in China using Machine Learning Emulation. [Dataset]

Cunningham, John and Robyn, Tucker and Pickwell-Macpherson, Emma and Park, SaeJune (2022) Dataset associated with "Design of a Split Ring Resonator Integrated with On-Chip Terahertz Waveguides for Colon Cancer Detection". [Dataset]


Daily, Martin I. and Tarn, Mark D. and Whale, Thomas F. and Murray, Benjamin J. (2022) Data for "An evaluation of the heat test for the ice-nucleating ability of minerals and biological material". [Dataset]

Demic, Aleksander and Ikonic, Zoran and Dean, Paul and Indjin, Dragan (2022) Prospects of temperature performance enhancement through higher resonant phonontransition designs in GaAs-based terahertz quantum-cascade lasers dataset. [Dataset]

Desai, Amisha and Jennings, Louise M (2022) Ethnic minority female health and social care workers’ experiences with face masks. [Dataset]

Drewniok, Michal P. and Azevedo, José M. Cruz and Dunant, Cyrille F. and Hawkins, Will (2022) Mapping material use and modelling the embodied carbon in UK construction. [Dataset]


Guthertz, N. and Van der Kant, R. and Smit, H. and Martinez, M. and Xu, Y. and Trinh, C. and Iorga, B.I. and Rousseau, F. and Schymkowitz, J. and Brockwell, D.J. and Radford, S.E. (2022) Dataset associated with 'The effect of mutation on an aggregation-prone protein: An in vivo, in vitro and in silico analysis'. [Dataset]


Halcrow, Malcolm A and Kulmaczewski, Rafał and Kershaw Cook, Laurence J and Pask, Christopher M. and Cespedes, Oscar (2022) Data to support study of Iron(II) Complexes of 4-(Alkyldisulfanyl)-2,6-di(pyrazolyl)pyridine Derivatives. Correlation of Spin-Crossover Cooperativity with Molecular Structure Following Single-Crystal-to-Single-Crystal Desolvation. [Dataset]

Halcrow, Malcolm A and Shahid, Namrah and Burrows, Kay E. and Pask, Christopher M. and Cespedes, Oscar and Howard, Mark J. and McGowan, Patrick C. (2022) Data to support study of Heteroleptic Iron(II) Complexes of Chiral 2,6-Bis(oxazolin-2-yl)-pyridine (PyBox) and 2,6-Bis(thiazolin-2-yl)pyridine Ligands ‒ the Interplay of Two Different Ligands on the Metal Ion Spin State. [Dataset]

Henrickson, Leah and Dumbill, Eleanor (2022) Data associated with 'Tangling and Untangling the Trollopes: A Stylometric Analysis of Frances Milton Trollope, Frances Eleanor Trollope, Anthony Trollope, Thomas Adolphus Trollope, and Charles Dickens'. [Dataset]

Holmes, Alexandra O.M. and Goldman, Adrian and Kalli, Antreas C (2022) Multi-Scale Simulations Identify A Conserved Anionic Membrane Fingerprint for mPPases. [Dataset]

Hughes, Matt D. G. and Cussons, Sophie and Mahmoudi, Najet and Brockwell, David J. (2022) Tuning Protein Hydrogel Mechanics through Modulation of Nanoscale Unfolding and Entanglement in Postgelation Relaxation. [Dataset]


Johnson, Jake and Zakaria, Fiona and Nkurusnziza, Allan G. and Way, Celia and Camargo-Valero, Miller and Evans, Barbara (2022) Whole-system analysis reveals high greenhouse gas emissions from citywide sanitation in Kampala, Uganda. [Dataset]

Jones, David (2022) A Demonstration of Grover's Search Algorithm Applied to the Discrete Logarithm Problem Using a Dictionary Operator. [Dataset]


King, Natalie V and Wright, Judy M and Irving, Donna C and Baker, John (2022) Search strategies and methods to identify interventions for reducing the use of restrictive practices in children and young people’s institutional settings. [Dataset]

Kirk, Philip and Amsbury, Sam and German, Liam and Gaudioso-Pedraza, Rocio and Benitez-Alfonso, Yoselin (2022) Raw data for "A comparative meta-proteomic pipeline for the identification of plasmodesmata proteins and regulatory conditions in diverse plant species". [Dataset]

Kpeglo, Delanyo (2022) Modeling the Mechanical Stiffness of Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma: dataset. [Dataset]

Kupilas, Marcin M. and Pittard, Julian and Wareing, Christopher and Falle, Samuel (2022) Dataset to accompany "Shocking interactions of supernova remnants with atomic and molecular clouds - the interplay between shocks, thermal instability and gravity in the large cloud regime". [Dataset]


Lasic, Samo and Yuldasheva, Nadira and Szczepankiewicz, Filip and Nilsson, Markus and Budde, Matthew and Dall’Armellina, Erica and Schneider, Jürgen E. and Teh, Irvin and Lundell, Henrik (2022) Stay on the beat with tensor-valued encoding [Dataset and Code]. [Dataset]

Le Huray, Kyle I.P. (2022) Simulation data from the publication "Characterization of the membrane interactions of phospholipase Cγ reveals key features of the active enzyme". [Dataset]

Le Huray, Kyle I.P. and Kalli, Antreas C. (2022) Systematic simulation of the interactions of Pleckstrin homology domains with membranes: dataset. [Dataset]

Lefteri, Daniella A. and Bryden, Steven and Pingen, Marieke and Terry, Sandra and McCafferty, Ailish and Beswick, Emily F and Georgiev, Georgi and Van der Laan,, Marleen and Mastrullo, Valeria and Campagnolo, Paola and Waterhouse, Robert M and Varjak, Margus and Merits, Andres and Fragkoudis, Rennos and Griffin, Stephen and Shams, Kave and Pondeville, Emilie and McKimmie, Clive (2022) Mosquito saliva enhances virus infection through sialokinin-dependent vascular leakage. [Dataset]

Leva-Bueno, Juan and Meuskens, Ina and Linke, Dirk and Millner, Paul A. and Peyman, Sally A. (2022) Impedimetric biosensor based on extracellular matrix protein-adhesin binding. [Dataset]

Liang, Yunhao and Ries, Michael and Hine, Peter (2022) Data associated with 'Three methods to measure the dissolution activation energy of cellulosic fibres using time-temperature superposition'. [Dataset]

Lloyd, Kelly (2022) Qualitative study exploring the barriers and facilitators to using and recommending aspirin for cancer prevention - qualitative interview data. [Dataset]


McLaughlin, Scott (2022) The Garden of Forking Paths. [Dataset]

Mdee, Anna and Ofori, Alesia and Lopez-Gonzalez, Gabriela (2022) 2019 Global Water Research Questions Survey raw data. [Dataset]

Monger, Felicity and Bond, Steph and Spracklen, Dominick and Kirkby, Michael (2022) Overland flow velocity and soil properties. [Dataset]

Monger, Felicity and Spracklen, Dominick V. and Kirkby, Mike and Schofield, Lee (2022) The impact of semi-natural woodland and pasture on soil properties and streamflow - dataset. [Dataset]

Morris, Rowan and Nagaraj, Mamatha and Jones, Cliff (2022) Data for "Inducing Variable Pitch Gratings in Nematic Liquid Crystals Using Chirped Surface Acoustic Wave Transducers". [Dataset]


Nahar, Gaurav and Rajput, Shailendrasingh and Grasham, Oliver and Dalvi, Vishwanath Haily and Dupont, Valerie and Ross, Andrew B. and Pandit, Aniruddha B. (2022) Data associated with 'Technoeconomic Analysis of Biogas Production using Simple and Effective Mechanistic Model calibrated with Biomethanation Potential Experiments of Water Lettuce (Pistia Stratiotes) inoculated by Buffalo Dung'. [Dataset]


Peterson, Eric Laurentius (2022) Data associated with " Global and local bioclimatic predilections for rebalancing the heating and cooling of buildings". [Dataset]

Pittard, Julian (2022) Data for the paper "How D-type Hii region expansion depends on numerical resolution". [Dataset]

Porter, GE and Murray, Benjamin and Adams, MP and Brooks, IM and Zieger, Paul and Karlsson, Linn (2022) Ice-nucleating particle data from the cruise to the North Pole on board the Oden Icebreaker. [Dataset]

Prakaash, Dheeraj and Cook, Graham and Acuto, Oreste and Kalli, Antreas (2022) Molecular dynamics simulations reveal membrane lipid interactions of the full-length lymphocyte specific kinase Lck: dataset. [Dataset]

Pringle, Stephen and Chiweshe, Ngoni and Dallimer, Martin (2022) Zimbabwe Field Transect Data 2012 - 2020. [Dataset]

Pryce, Gregory M and Sabu, Bismaya and Al-Hajjar, Mazen and Wilcox, Ruth K. and Thompson, Jonathan and Isaac, Graham H and Board, Tim and Williams, Sophie (2022) Dataset associated with “Impingement in total hip arthroplasty: a geometric model”. [Dataset]

Putra, Santosa Sandy and Baird, Andy and Holden, Joseph (2022) DigiBog model input, setting, and output files of some typical tropical peatland conditions in Sebangau, Kalimantan, Indonesia. [Dataset]


Roach, Lucien and Coletta, P Louise and Critchley, Kevin and Evans, Stephen D (2022) Dataset associated with 'Controlling the Optical Properties of Gold Nanorods in One-Pot Syntheses'. [Dataset]

Robinson, Suzanne and Ivanovic, Ruza and Gregoire, Lauren and Tindall, Julia and van de Flierdt, Tina and Plancherel, Yves and Pöppelmeier, Frerk and Tachikawa, Kazuyo and Valdes, Paul (2022) Supplementary: Simulating neodymium isotopes in the ocean component of the FAMOUS general circulation model (XPDAA): sensitivities to reversible scavenging efficiency and benthic source distributions. [Dataset]

Ruddle, Roy and Adnan, Muhammad and Kavanagh, Richard and Strickson, Oliver and Wochner, Pamela (2022) The ACE software, and training materials for visualizing missing data and set-type data. [Dataset]


Seemann, K.M. and Gomonay, O. and Mokrousov, Y. and Horner, A. and Valencia, S. and Klamser, P. and Kronast, F. and Erb, A. and Hindmarch, A.T. and Wixforth, A. and Marrows, C.H. and Fischer, P. (2022) Dataset associated with "Magnetoelastic resonance as a probe for exchange springs at antiferromagnet-ferromagnet interfaces". [Dataset]

Soltanahmadi, Siavash and Murray, Brent S and Sarkar, Anwesha (2022) Data associated with 'Comparison of oral tribological performance of proteinaceous microgel systems with protein-polysaccharide combinations'. [Dataset]. [Dataset]

Stribitcaia, Ecaterina and Blundell, John and You, Kwan-Mo and Finlayson, Graham and Gibbons, Catherine and Sarkar, Anwesha (2022) Data associated with 'Viscosity of food influences perceived satiety: a video based online survey'. [Dataset]

Stylianou, Konstantinos and Zingales, Nicolo and di Stefano, Stefania and Queffurus, Nick (2022) Facebook content policies and international freedom of expression. [Dataset]


Vafaee, Tayyebeh and Campbell, Fiona and Thomas, Dan and Roderjan, João Gabriel and Lopes, Sergio Veiga and da Costa, Francisco DA and Desai, Amisha and Rooney, Paul and Jennings, Louise M and Fisher, John and Berry, Helen and Ingham, Eileen (2022) Implantation of decellularized porcine pulmonary heart valves in sheep - dataset. [Dataset]

Vasserman, Elizaveta (2022) Bibliography of publications by Russian scholar in translation and literary studies Andrei Fedorov (1906-1997). [Dataset]

Victoria, Ashley and Ries, Michael and Hine, Peter J. (2022) Data for “The use of interleaved films to enhance the properties of all-cellulose composites”. [Dataset]

van Dyck, Jeroen F. and Burns, Jonathan R. and Le Huray, Kyle I. P. and Konijnenberg, Albert and Howorka, Stefan and Sobott, Frank (2022) Sizing up DNA nanostructure assembly with native mass spectrometry and ion mobility. [Dataset]


Ward, Jonathan (2022) Benchmark testing networks and figure files. [Dataset]


Xu, Yong and Maya-Martinez, Roberto and Guthertz, Nicolas and Heath, George R. and Manfield, Iain W. and Breeze, Alexander L. and Sobott, Frank and Foster, Richard and Radford, Sheena E. (2022) Supporting data for "Tuning the rate of aggregation of hIAPP into amyloid using small-molecule modulators of assembly". [Dataset]

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