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Abou-Saleh, Radwa H. and McLaughlan, James R. and Bushby, Richard J. and Johnson, Benjamin R. and Freear, Steven and Evans, Stephen D. and Thomson, Neil H. (2019) Impact on microbubble physical and mechanical properties – dataset. [Dataset]

Al Ma'Mari, Fatma and Moorsom, Timothy and Teobaldi, Gilberto and Deacon, William and Prokscha, Thomas and Luetkens, Hubertus and Lee, Steve and Sterbinsky, George E. and Arena, Dario A. and MacLaren, Donald A. and Flokstra, Machiel and Ali, Mannan and Wheeler, May C. and Burnell, Gavin and Hickey, BJ and Cespedes, Oscar (2015) Beating the Stoner Criterion. [Dataset]


Bacon, David R and Burnett, Andrew and Swithenbank, Matthew and Russell, Christopher and Li, Lianhe and Wood, Christopher and Cunningham, John and Linfield, Edmund and Davies, A Giles and Dean, Paul and Freeman, Joshua R (2016) Dataset relating to "Free-space terahertz radiation from a LT-GaAs-on-quartz large-area photoconductive emitter". [Dataset]


Chappell, Helen and Brooks, Rebecca and Morris, Rhiannon and Smith, James and Pereira, Dora and Powell, Jonathan (2024) IHAT Surface Modelling. [Dataset]

Chen, Ze and Ye, Sunjie and Evans, Stephen D. and Ge, Yuanhang and Zhu, Zhifeng and Tu, Yingfeng and Yang, Xiaoming (2018) Data associated with 'Confined Assembly of Hollow Carbon Spheres in Carbonaceous Nanotube: A Spheres-in-Tube Carbon Nanostructure with Hierarchical Porosity for High-performance Supercapacitor'. [Dataset]

Collins, Sean M. and Sapnik, Adam F. and Sun, Chao and Laulainen, Joonatan E. M. and Johnstone, Duncan N. and Brydson, Rik and Johnson, Timothy and Midgley, Paul A. and Bennett, Thomas D. (2023) Scanning electron diffraction data on Fe-BTC and MIL-100. [Dataset]

Costa, Ana R. D. and Coppe, Mateus V. and Bielefeldt, Wagner V. and Bernal, Susan A. and Black, Leon and Kirchheim, Ana Paula and Gonçalves, Jardel P. (2023) Dataset for 'Thermodynamic modelling of cements clinkering process as a tool for optimising the proportioning of raw meals containing alternative materials'. [Dataset]


Dunn, Thomas and Amland Skaanvik, Sebastian and McPherson, Ian J. and O'Shaughnessy, Cedrick and He, Xuefeng and Kulak, Alexander N. and Micklethwaite, Stuart and Matamoros-Veloza, Adriana and Sandei, Ilaria and Hunter, Liam and Turner, Thomas D. and Galloway, Johanna M. and Rosenthal, Martin and Britton, Andrew J. and Walker, Marc and Mingdong, Dong and Unwin, Patrick R. and Meldrum, Fiona C. (2024) The Universality of Hair as a Nucleant: Exploring the Effects of Surface Chemistry and Topography. [Dataset]


Evans, RML and Welsh, Tom and Hall, Craig (2016) XY model steady state phase diagram. [Dataset]


Galloway, Johanna M and Aslam, Zabeada P and Yeandel, Stephen R and Kulak, Alexander and Ilett, Martha and Kim, Yi-Yeoun and Bejarano-Villafuerte, Angela and Pokroy, Boaz and Drummond-Brydson, Rik M and Freeman, Colin L and Harding, John H and Kapur, Nikil and Meldrum, Fiona C (2023) Dataset from Electron Transparent Nanotubes Reveal Crystallization Pathways in Confinement. [Dataset]

Green, David (2018) Dataset for 'Controlling the fluorescence and room-temperature phosphorescence behaviour of carbon nanodots with inorganic crystalline nanocomposites'. [Dataset]

Green, David (2021) Dataset for Dichroic Calcite Reveals the Pathway from Additive Binding to Occlusion. [Dataset]

Green, David (2019) Dataset for Skin-deep Patterning of Calcite. [Dataset]


Jull, Ethan and Gleeson, Helen (2017) Liquid Crystal Lyot Filter Data for Application as a Laser Filter. [Dataset]

Jull, Ethan and Lydon, John and Gleeson, Helen (2017) 5CB Nematic 6 Point Defect Data. [Dataset]


Kendrick, John and Burnett, Andrew (2015) Dataset relating to 'PDielec: The Calculation of Infrared and Terahertz Absorption for Powdered Crystals'. [Dataset]

Kulak, Alexander and Grimes, Rebecca and Kim, Yi-Yeoun and Semsarilar, Mona and Anduix-Canto, Clara and Cespedes, Oscar and Armes, Steven P. and Meldrum, Fiona C. (2016) Polymer-Directed Assembly of Single Crystal Zinc Oxide/ Magnetite Nanocom-posites under Atmospheric and Hydrothermal Conditions. [Dataset]


Levenstein, Mark A. (2019) Dataset for 'Droplet Microfluidics Synchrotron XRD Identifies Effective Nucleating Agents for Calcium Carbonate'. [Dataset]

Levenstein, Mark A. and Kim, Yi-Yeoun and Hunter, Liam (2020) Dataset for 'Evaluation of microflow configurations for scale inhibition and serial X-ray diffraction analysis of crystallization processes'. [Dataset]

Luca, Costa and Li-Destri, Giovanni and Pontoni, Diego and Konovalov, Oleg and Thomson, Neil (2017) Data associated with 'Liquid-liquid interfacial imaging using atomic force microscopy'. [Dataset]


Marsh, Alastair T.M. and Yue, Zengliang and Dhandapani, Yuvaraj and Button, Katharine and Adu-Amankwah, Samuel and Bernal, Susan A. (2023) Dataset for 'Influence of limestone addition on sodium sulphate activated blast furnace slag cements'. [Dataset]

Meldrum, Fiona and Anduix Canto, Clara (2021) Dataset for "Exploiting Confinement to Study the Crystallization Pathway of Calcium Sulfate". [Dataset]


Pham, Sang (2024) In-situ TOF-SIMS, SEM, and XRD data for Borate Coating on Steel. [Dataset]


Radajewski, Dimitry and Meldrum, Fiona (2021) Dataset for 'An Innovative Data Processing Method for Studying Nanoparticle Formation in Droplet Microfluidics using X-rays Scattering'. [Dataset]

Ries, Michael (2017) Influence of anion size on the properties of imidazolium-based ionic liquids. [Dataset]

Roach, Lucien and Coletta, P Louise and Critchley, Kevin and Evans, Stephen D (2022) Dataset associated with 'Controlling the Optical Properties of Gold Nanorods in One-Pot Syntheses'. [Dataset]


Shepley, Philippa M. and Stoica, Laura A. and Li, Yang and Burnell, Gavin and Bell, Andrew J. (2019) Dataset associated with “Effects of poling and crystallinity on the dielectric properties of Pb(In1/2Nb1/2)-Pb(Mn1/3Nb2/3)-PbTiO3 at cryogenic temperatures”. [Dataset]

Swithenbank, Matthew and Burnett, Andrew and Russell, Christopher and Li, Lianhe and Davies, A Giles and Linfield, Edmund and Cunningham, John E and Wood, Christopher (2017) Dataset relating to ‘On-chip Terahertz Frequency Measurements of Liquids’. [Dataset]


Victoria, Ashley and Hine, Peter J. and Ward, Keeran and Ries, Michael (2023) Data for Design of experiments in the optimization of all-cellulose composites. [Dataset]


Warren, James P. and Miles, Danielle E. and Kapur, Nikil and Wilcox, Ruth K. and Beales, Paul A. (2021) Hydrodynamic mixing tunes the stiffness of proteoglycan-mimicking physical hydrogels. [Dataset]


Ye, Sunjie and Brown, Andy P. and Stammers, Ashley C. and Thomson, Neil H. and Roach, Lucien and Bushby, Richard J. and Coletta, P. Louise and Critchley, Kevin and Connell, Simon D. and Markham, Alexander F. and Brydson, Rik and Evans, Stephen D. (2018) Data associated with "Sub-Nanometer Thick Gold Nanosheets as Highly-efficient Catalysts". [Dataset]


Zhang, Zhaopeng and Gleeson, Helen (2015) Polarised Raman Spectroscopy data of dimer liquid crystals. [Dataset]

Zhang, Zhaopeng and Kaur, Sarabjot and Gleeson, Helen (2017) Polarised Raman spectroscopy and dielectric spectroscopy data of a polar smectic A liquid crystal system. [Dataset]

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