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Andean, James (2016) Electroacoustic Mythmaking: National Grand Narratives in Electroacoustic Music. [Dataset]

Angliss, Sarah (2016) Keynote 3: Music at any cost - fulfilling our desires for intense sonic experiences in the electric and pre-electric eras. [Dataset]

Austin, Kevin (2016) A Brief Speculative History of EA in Canada. [Dataset]


Bertolani, Valentina (2016) The First Festival of Live Electronic Music at the University of California Davis (1967). [Dataset]

Born, Georgina (2016) Keynote 5: How can and should we write alternative histories of electronic musics? New thoughts on time, history, and electronic musics. [Dataset]

Bosma, Hannah (2016) The (lack of) documentation and canonization of interdisciplinary electroacoustic music. [Dataset]

Bowers, John (2016) The Victorian Synthesizer. [Dataset]

Brilmayer, Benedikt (2016) The Trautonium: Oskar Sala and the development of electronic music in Germany. [Dataset]


Cox, Geoffrey (2016) ‘Sound was an end in itself’: Early documentary sound and the prefiguring of musique concrete. [Dataset]


Dack, John (2016) The language connection in early electronic music: French and German approaches. [Dataset]

Dal Farra, Ricardo (2016) Why didn’t you tell me this before? (Maybe you didn’t want to hear this side of the story). [Dataset]


Emmerson, Simon (2016) Keynote 1: The Many Histories. [Dataset]


Feshareki, Shiva and Hewitt, Ivan (2016) ‘Still Point’ - An Unknown Precursor of Today's Electronic Music. [Dataset]


Gardner, James (2016) The Don Banks Music Box to The Putney: The genesis and evolution of the VCS3 synthesiser. [Dataset]

Green, Owen (2016) A role for contingent histories in teaching electronic music? [Dataset]


Haworth, Christopher (2016) The Hauntological Turn: Genealogy, History Making, and ‘the Contemporary’ in Electronic Music. [Dataset]

Helliwell, Ian (2016) Tape Leaders - Excavating early British electronic music. [Dataset]

Hession, Paul (2016) Tony Oxley: Music from Knives and Egg Slicers. [Dataset]


Kim, Suk-Jun (2016) Searching for Alternative Histories in Electronic Music through a Survey on Discourses of Space-Place Relations. [Dataset]

Kolkowski, Aleks and Reuben, Federico (2016) Singing Arcs: Sounding the Early History of Electronic Music. [Dataset]


Landy, Leigh (2016) Keynote 4: Rethinking the History of Sound-based Music. [Dataset]


Magnusson, Thor (2016) Generative Music: A Form without a Format. [Dataset]

McLean, Alex (2016) Unravelling live coding. [Dataset]

Monroe, Alexei (2016) Industrial Activity: Kraftwerk's Radio-Activity as dystopian sonic template. [Dataset]

Mooney, James and Boon, Tim and Schampaert, Dorien (2016) International Conference: Alternative Histories of Electronic Music, 2016. [Dataset]

Morgan, Frances (2016) The problem with pioneers: how media narratives of exceptional women distort the history of female involvement in electronic music. [Dataset]


Ojanen, Mikko (2016) Electroacoustic music in Finland in the 1960s and 1970s: a case study of Erkki Kurenniemi’s music and instrument design. [Dataset]

Otto, Andi (2016) Fello demo. [Dataset]

Otto, Andi (2016) The early years of STEIM. Ambiguities of "Electro-Instrumental" music. [Dataset]


Palermo, Settimio Fiorenzo (2016) Serendipitous and Subversive: A Critical Organology of Hugh Davies’s Found Instruments. [Dataset]

Parolini, Giuditta (2016) Music Without Musicians: Pietro Grossi’s Experience in Electronic and Computer Music. [Dataset]

Patteson, Thomas (2016) Organic Instruments: Early Electrophones and the Valorization of Technology in the Weimar Republic. [Dataset]

Pigott, Jon (2016) Electromechanical Perspectives of Sound and Music. [Dataset]

Pinch, Trevor (2016) Keynote 2: Electronic Music Filtered Through Science and Technology Studies. [Dataset]

Price, Peter (2016) The Cosmic Vision and Telepathic Following of Bruce Haack. [Dataset]


Richards, Tom (2016) Mini Oramics: Potential and Actuality. [Dataset]


Saladin, Matthew (2016) Electro-acoustic feedback and the birth of sound installations. [Dataset]

Schampaert, Dorien (2016) The Ondes Martenot: Constructing Narratives of Obsolescence. [Dataset]

Schedel, Margaret (2016) Color is the Keyboard. [Dataset]

Sinsheimer Vandagriff, Rachel (2016) The Pre-History of the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center. [Dataset]

Smirnov, Andrey (2016) Music out of Noise, Light and Paper. Russia’s contribution to the history of electronic music and audio technology. [Dataset]


Teboul, Ezra (2016) Silicon Luthiers: a component-level history of electronic music. [Dataset]


Watson, Joe (2016) Interference patterns: reframing historical perspectives on interconnections between electronic music and cybernetics. [Dataset]

Weium, Frode (2016) Popular entertainers, radio hobbyist and film composers. Alternative (pre)histories of electronic music. [Dataset]

Williams, Sean (2016) The Hohner Electronium: a 1950s portable monophonic valve synthesizer. [Dataset]

Wilson, Daniel (2016) Failed Histories of Electronic Music. [Dataset]


Zattra, Laura (2016) Collaboration and Musical Assistants at IRCAM, CCRMA, and CSC. [Dataset]

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