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Behra, Juliette (2019) Characterization of Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose (Na CMC) Aqueous Solutions to Support Complex Product Formulation – a Rheology and Light Scattering Study - dataset. [Dataset]


Fahy, William D. and Maters, Elena and Giese-Miranda, Rona and Adams, Michael P. and Jahn, Leif G. and Sullivan, Ryan C. and Murray, Benjamin J. (2021) Dataset associated with "Volcanic ash ice nucleation activity is variably reduced by aging in water and sulfuric acid: the effects of leaching, dissolution, and precipitation". [Dataset]

Fox, Joseph and Batchelor, Damien V. B. and Roberts, Holly and Moorcroft, Samuel C.T. and Valleley, Elixabeth M.A. and Coletta, Louise (2023) Dataset for Gold Nanotapes and Nanopinecones in a Quantitative Lateral Flow Assay for the Cancer Biomarker Carcinoembryonic Antigen. [Dataset]

Fox, Joseph and Newham, George and Bushby, Richard J. and Coletta, Louise and Valleley, Elizabeth M.A. and Evans, Stephen D. (2023) Dataset for Spectrophotometric Analysis and Optimization of 2D Gold Nanosheet Formation. [Dataset]


Green, James and Makhov, Dmitry and Cole-Filipiak, Neil and Symonds, Christopher and Stavros, Vasilios and Shalashilin, Dmitry (2019) Data associated with “Ultrafast Photodissociation Dynamics of 2-Ethylpyrrole: Adding Insight to Experiment With Ab Initio Multiple Cloning”. [Dataset]

Green, James and Shalashilin, Dmitry (2019) Data associated with "Simulation of the quantum dynamics of indistinguishable bosons with the method of coupled coherent states". [Dataset]


Harrison, Alexander D and Whale, Thomas and Carpenter, Michael A and Holden, Mark and Neve, Lesley and O'Sullivan, Daniel and Temprado, Jesus Vergara and Murray, Benjamin (2016) Dataset associated with ‘Not all feldspars are equal: a survey of ice nucleating properties across the feldspar group of minerals'. [Dataset]

Holden, Mark (2019) High-speed Imaging of Ice Nucleation in Water Proves the Existence of Active Sites - dataset. [Dataset]

Holden, Mark A. and Campbell, James M. and Meldrum, Fiona C. and Murray, Benjamin J. and Christenson, Hugo K. (2021) Dataset associated with 'Active sites for ice nucleation differ depending on nucleation mode'. [Dataset]

Horbury, Michael D and North, Nicholas K. and Holstein, Jakob and Godden, Harry and Kondawar, Sanchit and Li, Lianhe and Freeman, Joshua and Linfield, Edmund H. and Roskos, Hartmut G. and Lisauskas, Alvydas (2023) Data associated with 'Real-Time Terahertz Absorption Spectroscopy of Methanol and Deuterated-Methanol Vapour, using a TeraFET Detector Array'. [Dataset]


Kendrick, John and Burnett, Andrew (2019) Data associated with Exploring the Reliability of DFT Calculations of the Infrared and Terahertz Spectra of Sodium Peroxodisulfate. [Dataset]

Kendrick, John and Burnett, Andrew (2019) Data associated with the calculation of the infrared and terahertz spectrum of sodium peroxodisulfate. [Dataset]

Kendrick, John and Burnett, Andrew (2015) Dataset relating to 'PDielec: The Calculation of Infrared and Terahertz Absorption for Powdered Crystals'. [Dataset]


Laurent, Harrison and Baker, Daniel and Soper, Alan K. and Ries, Michael and Dougan, Lorna (2020) Data associated with 'Solute Specific Perturbations to Water Structure and Dynamics in Tertiary Aqueous Solution'. [Dataset]

Laurent, Harrison and Ries, Michael and Soper, Alan and Dougan, Lorna and Baker, Daniel (2021) Bridging Structure, Dynamics, and Thermodynamics: An Example Study on Aqueous Potassium Halides - dataset. [Dataset]

Lehman, Julia and Roberts, Frances (2021) CH2I2 Spectral Data. [Dataset]


Makhov, Dmitry and Martinez, Todd and Shalashilin, Dmitrii (2016) Data associated with 'Toward fully quantum modelling of ultrafast photodissociation imaging experiments. Treating tunnelling in the ab initio multiple cloning approach'. [Dataset]

Makhov, Dmitry and Saita, Kenichiro and Martinez, Todd and Shalashilin, Dmitrii (2018) Data associated with 'Ab initio multiple cloning simulations of pyrrole photodissociation: TKER spectra and velocity map imaging'. [Dataset]

Makhov, Dmitry V. and Shalashilin, Dmitrii V. (2019) Data associated with 'Floquet Hamiltonian for incorporating electronic excitation by a laser pulse into simulations of non-adiabatic dynamics'. [Dataset]

Maters, Elena and Dingwell, Donald and Cimarelli, Corrado and Müller, Dirk and Whale, Thomas and Murray, Benjamin (2019) Dataset associated with "The importance of crystalline phases in ice nucleation by volcanic ash". [Dataset]

Maters, Elena C. and Cimarelli, Corrado and Casas, Ana S. and Dingwell, Donald B. and Murray, Benjamin J. (2020) Dataset associated with "Volcanic ash ice-nucleating activity can be enhanced or depressed by ash-gas interaction in the eruption plume". [Dataset]

Meldrum, Fiona and Anduix Canto, Clara (2021) Dataset for "Exploiting Confinement to Study the Crystallization Pathway of Calcium Sulfate". [Dataset]

Meredith, Sophie A. and Kusunoki, Yuka and Connell, Simon D. and Morigaki, Kenichi and Evans, Stephen D. and Adams, Peter G. (2023) Dataset for the study of Self-quenching behaviour of a fluorescent probe incorporated within lipid membranes explored using electrophoresis and fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy. [Dataset]

Miles, Danielle and Wilcox, Ruth and Beales, Paul (2016) Data Associated with paper titled: Peptide:glycosaminoglycan hybrid hydrogels as an injectable intervention for spinal disc degeneration. [Dataset]


O'Connell, A. and Goycoolea, F.M. and Gulotta, A. and Holmquist, P. and Schuetz, P. and Mattsson, J. (2023) Dataset for 'The structure and dynamics of locust bean gum in aqueous solution'. [Dataset]

O'Connell, Adam and González-Espinosa, Yadira and Goycoolea, Francisco M. and Schuetz, Peter and Mattsson, Johan (2023) Dataset for 'Characterisation of locust bean gum with asymmetric flow field-flow fractionation (AF4) and light scattering'. [Dataset]


Price, Hannah and Mattsson, Johan and Murray, Benjamin (2016) Datasets associated with 'Sucrose diffusion in aqueous solution'. [Dataset]


Speak, Thomas H and Blitz, Mark A. and Stone, Daniel and Seakins, Paul (2019) Data for the publication ‘A new instrument for time-resolved measurement of HO2 radicals’. [Dataset]

Symonds, Christopher and Shalashilin, Dmitry (2019) Computational data for the simulation of cases of the Spin Boson Model using the Multiconfigurational Ehrenfest method - dataset. [Dataset]


Warren, James P. and Miles, Danielle E. and Kapur, Nikil and Wilcox, Ruth K. and Beales, Paul A. (2021) Hydrodynamic mixing tunes the stiffness of proteoglycan-mimicking physical hydrogels. [Dataset]

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