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Alrihieli, Haifaa and Rucklidge, Alastair and Subramanian, Priya (2020) Data for `Spatial localisation beyond steady states in the neighbourhood of the Takens-Bogdanov bifurcation’. [Dataset]

Archer, Andrew J. and Dotera, Tomonari and Rucklidge, Alastair M. (2022) Dataset for "Rectangle-triangle soft-matter quasicrystals with hexagonal symmetry". [Dataset]

Asker, Matthew and Hernández-Navarro, Lluís and Mobilia, Mauro (2023) Dataset for 'Coexistence of Competing Microbial Strains under Twofold Environmental Variability and Demographic Fluctuations'. [Dataset]

Burge, Christina and Van Loo, Sven and Falle, Samuel and Hartquist, Thomas (2016) Ambipolar-diffusion regulated collapse of filaments. [Dataset]

Carruthers, Jonathan and López-García, Martin and Gillard, Joseph J. and Laws, Thomas R. and Lythe, Grant and Molina-París, Carmen (2018) A novel stochastic multi-scale model of Francisella tularensis infection to predict risk of infection in a laboratory (computer codes). [Dataset]

Castro, Mario and López-García, Martín and Lythe, Grant and Molina-París, Carmen (2018) First passage events in biological systems with non-exponential inter-event times (computer codes). [Dataset]

Evans, RML (2018) Ultimatum game steady-state and transient evolution data. [Dataset]

Evans, RML and Welsh, Tom and Hall, Craig (2016) XY model steady state phase diagram. [Dataset]

Hernández-Navarro, Lluís and Asker, Matthew and Mobilia, Mauro (2023) Data set of the manuscript: Coupled environmental and demographic fluctuations shape the evolution of cooperative antimicrobial resistance. [Dataset]

Hernández-Navarro, Lluís and Asker, Matthew and Mobilia, Mauro (2023) Dataset for 'Eco-evolutionary dynamics of cooperative antimicrobial resistance in a population of fluctuating volume and size'. [Dataset]

López-García, Martin and King, Marco-Felipe and Noakes, Catherine J (2019) A multicompartment SIS stochastic model with zonal ventilation for the spread of nosocomial infections: detection, outbreak management and infection control (Computer codes). [Dataset]

López-García, Martin and Kypraios, Theodore (2018) A unified stochastic modelling framework for the spread of nosocomial infections (computer codes). [Dataset]

Mobilia, Mauro (2023) SimData_Figs3to6. [Dataset]

Subramanian, Priya and Archer, A.J. and Knobloch, E. and Rucklidge, Alastair (2016) Data associated with 'Three-dimensional Icosahedral Phase Field Quasicrystal'. [Dataset]

Ward, Jonathan (2022) Benchmark testing networks and figure files. [Dataset]

Ward, Jonathan (2020) Dimension-reduction of dynamics on real-world networks with symmetry - network data. [Dataset]

Williams, Bevelynn and López-García, Martín and Gillard, Joseph J. and Laws, Thomas R. and Lythe, Grant and Carruthers, Jonathan and Finnie, Thomas and Molina-París, Carmen (2021) A stochastic intracellular model of anthrax infection with spore germination heterogeneity (Computer Codes). [Dataset]

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