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Abou-Saleh, Radwa H. and McLaughlan, James R. and Bushby, Richard J. and Johnson, Benjamin R. and Freear, Steven and Evans, Stephen D. and Thomson, Neil H. (2019) Impact on microbubble physical and mechanical properties – dataset. [Dataset]

Armistead, Fern and Gala De Pablo, Julia and Gadêlha, Hermes and Peyman, Sally A. and Evans, Stephen D. (2019) Cells under stress: An inertial-shear microfluidic determination of cell behaviour - dataset. [Dataset]


Bao, Peng (2019) Lipid coated liquid crystal droplets for the on-chip detection of Antimicrobial peptides  - dataset. [Dataset]

Behra, Juliette (2019) Characterization of Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose (Na CMC) Aqueous Solutions to Support Complex Product Formulation – a Rheology and Light Scattering Study - dataset. [Dataset]


Ghesquiere, Anne and Newton, Elizabeth (2019) Data for Thermal state QKD. [Dataset]

Goldsmith, Kathryn and Pittard, Julian (2019) Statistics, images, and other files pertaining to the isothermal evolution of a shock-filament interaction. [Dataset]

Goodchild, James and Walsh, Danielle and Connell, Simon (2019) Dataset associated with “Nanoscale Substrate Roughness Hinders Domain Formation in Supported Lipid Bilayers”. [Dataset]


Hancock, Ashley and Meredith, Sophie and Connell, Simon and Jeuken, Lars and Adams, Peter (2019) Dataset for the study of proteoliposomes as energy-transferring materials: enhancing the spectral range of light-harvesting proteins using lipid-linked chromophores. [Dataset]

Hanson, Benjamin S. and Head, David and Dougan, Lorna (2019) Globular Domain Polymer Simulations. [Dataset]

Holden, Mark (2019) High-speed Imaging of Ice Nucleation in Water Proves the Existence of Active Sites - dataset. [Dataset]

Hrabec, Ales and Shahbazi, Kowsar and Moore, Thomas A. and Martinez, Eduardo and Marrows, Christopher (2019) Tuning spin-orbit torques at magnetic domain walls in epitaxial Pt/Co/Pt1-xAux trilayers - dataset. [Dataset]


Jull, Ethan I.L. and Gleeson, Helen F. (2019) Efficiency improvements in a dichroic dye-doped liquid crystal Fresnel lens - dataset. [Dataset]


Ladd Parada, Marjorie and Povey, Megan J. and Vieira, Josélio and Rappolt, Michael and Ries, Michael E. (2019) Data for Early stages of fat crystallisation evaluated by low field NMR and Small‐Angle X‐ray Scattering. [Dataset]

Laurent, Harrison and Soper, Alan and Dougan, Lorna (2019) Biomolecular Self-Assembly Under Extreme Martian Mimetic Conditions - dataset. [Dataset]


Mistry, Devesh and Gleeson, Helen (2019) Data associated with 'Mechanical deformations of a liquid crystal elastomer at director angles between 0˚ and 90˚: Deducing an empirical model encompassing anisotropic nonlinearity'. [Dataset]

Moorcroft, Samuel and Roach, Lucien and Ong, Zhan Yuin and Jayne, David and Evans, Stephen (2019) Nanoparticle loaded hydrogel for the triggered release of liposomal antimicrobial peptides. [Dataset]

Morley, Sophie A. and Porro, Jose Maria and Hrabec, Aleš and Rosamond, Mark C. and Venero, Diego Alba and Linfield, Edmund H. and Burnell, Gavin and Im, Mi-Young and Fischer, Peter J. and Langridge, Sean and Marrows, Christopher H. (2019) Data associated with 'Thermally and field-driven mobility of emergent magnetic charges in square artificial spin ice'. [Dataset]


Pittard, Julian (2019) Dataset associated with "Momentum and energy injection by a supernova remnant into an inhomogeneous medium". [Dataset]


Ries, Michael (2019) Data for Diffusion and Relaxometry to Study Carbohydrates Dissolved in Ionic Liquids. [Dataset]


Satchell, Nathan and Loloee, Reza and Birge, Norman O. (2019) Supercurrent in ferromagnetic Josephson junctions with heavy metal interlayers II: canted magnetization - dataset. [Dataset]

Satchell, Nathan and Sheppley, Philippa and Algarni, Mouaid and Vaughan, Matthew and Darwin, Emily and Ali, Mannan and Rosamond, Mark C. and Chen, Li and Linfield, Edmund H and Hickey, Bryan and Burnell, Gavin (2019) Dataset associated with "Spin-valve Josephson junctions with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy for cryogenic memory". [Dataset]

Shahbazi, Kowsar and Kim, Joo-Von and Nembach, Hans T. and Shaw, Justin M. and Bischof, Andreas and Rossell, Marta D. and Jeudy, Vincent and Moore, Thomas A. and Marrows, Christopher H. (2019) Domain Wall Motion and Interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interactions in Pt/Co/Ir(tIr)/Ta Multilayers - dataset. [Dataset]

Shepley, Philippa M. and Stoica, Laura A. and Li, Yang and Burnell, Gavin and Bell, Andrew J. (2019) Dataset associated with “Effects of poling and crystallinity on the dielectric properties of Pb(In1/2Nb1/2)-Pb(Mn1/3Nb2/3)-PbTiO3 at cryogenic temperatures”. [Dataset]

Srigengan, Shajeth and Gleeson, Helen (2019) Dielectric and elastic constant data for bent-core and calamitic liquid crystals and their mixtures. [Dataset]


Trbojevic, Nina and Read, Daniel and Nagaraj, Mamatha (2019) Dataset associated with 'Metastable room-temperature twist-bend nematic phases via photopolymerization'. [Dataset]


Vaughan, Matthew and Satchell, Nathan and Ali, Mannan and Kinane, Christy and Stenning, Gavin and Langridge, Sean and Burnell, Gavin (2019) Dataset associated with 'On the Origin of Superconductivity at Nickel-Bismuth Interfaces'. [Dataset]


Wahle, Markus and Snow, Ben and Sargent, Joe and Jones, J. Cliff (2019) Data for Embossing Reactive Mesogens: A Facile Approach to Polarisation-Independent Liquid Crystal Devices. [Dataset]

Wareing, Christopher J and Pittard, Julian M and Falle, Samuel A E G (2019) Dataset associated with "Sheets, filaments and clumps - high resolution simulations of how the thermal instability can form molecular clouds". [Dataset]


Zeissler, Katharina and Finizio, Simone and Barton, Craig and Huxtable, Alexandra and Massey, Jamie and Raabe, Jörg and Sadovnikov, Alexandr and Nikitov, Sergey and Brearton, Richard and Hesjedal, Thorsten and van der Laan, Gerit and Rosamond, Mark and Linfield, Edmund and Burnell, Gavin and Marrows, Christopher (2019) Dataset associated with "Diameter-independent skyrmion Hall angle observed in chiral magnetic multilayers". [Dataset]

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