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Abbas, Syed Zaheer and Dupont, Valerie and Mahmud, Tariq (2018) Dataset associated with "Modelling of H2 production via sorption enhanced steam methane reforming at reduced pressures for small scale applications". [Dataset]

Adiya, Zainab Ibrahim SG and Dupont, Valerie and Mahmud, Tariq (2018) Steam reforming of shale gas with Nickel and Calcium looping - dataset. [Dataset]

Anastasiou, Antonios and Brown, Andrew and Jha, Animesh (2018) Data associated with 'Exogenous mineralization of hard tissues using photo-absorptive minerals and femto-second lasers; the case of dental enamel'. [Dataset]


Camacho, Diana (2018) Polythermal experimental data for crystallisation of methyl stearate as a function of solution environment. [Dataset]


Elliott, Laura (2018) Salt enhanced solvent relaxation during rapid spin-lattice NMR data set. [Dataset]


Ferguson, Calum T. J. and Al-Khalaf, Areej A. and Isaac, R. Elwyn and Cayre, Olivier J. (2018) Data associated with 'pH-responsive polymer microcapsules for targeted delivery of biomaterials to the midgut of Drosophila suzukii'. [Dataset]


Ibrahim S G Adiya, Zainab and Dupont, Valerie and Mahmud, Tariq (2018) Data associated with 'Steam reforming of shale gas in a packed bed reactor with and without chemical looping using nickel based oxygen carrier'. [Dataset]


Omoniyi, Oluwafemi and Dupont, Valerie (2018) Data associated with 'Chemical looping Steam reforming of Acetic Acid in a Packed Bed Reactor'. [Dataset]


Ramirez-Solis, Sergio and Dupont, Valerie and Milne, Steven J. (2018) Data associated with 'Preparation and Evaluation of CaO-based CO2 Sorbents Deposited on Saffil Fibre Supports'. [Dataset]

Roncal-Herrero, Teresa and Harrington, John and Zeb, Aurang and Milne, Steven J. and Brown, Andy P. (2018) Nanoscale compositional segregation and suppression of polar coupling in a relaxor ferroelectric - dataset. [Dataset]


Shahbazi, Kowsar and Hrabec, Ales and Moretti, Simone and Ward, Michael B. and Moore, Thomas A. and Jeudy, Vincent and Martinez, Eduardo and Marrows, Christopher H. (2018) Magnetic properties and field-driven dynamics of chiral domain walls in epitaxial Pt/Co/AuxPt1-x trilayers - dataset. [Dataset]

Spencer, Charles S. and Gayles, Jacob and Porter, Nicholas and Sugimoto, Satoshi and Aslam, Zabeada and Kinane, Christian J. and Charlton, Timothy and Freimuth, Frank and Chadov, Stanislav and Langridge, Sean and Sinova, Jairo and Felser, Claudia and Blügel, Stefan and Mokrousov, Yuriy and Marrows, Christopher (2018) Helical magnetic structure and the anomalous and topological Hall effects in epitaxial B20 Fe1-yCoyGe films dataset. [Dataset]

Spragg, Jennifer and Mahmud, Tariq and Dupont, Valerie (2018) Hydrogen production from bio-oil: a thermodynamic analysis of sorption-enhanced chemical looping steam reforming - dataset. [Dataset]


Vergara-Temprado, Jesús and Holden, Mark and Orton, Thomas R. and O’Sullivan, Daniel and Umo, Nsikanabasi S. and Browse, Jo and Reddington, Carly and Baeza-Romero, María Teresa and Jones, Jenny M. and Lea-Langton, Amanda and Williams, Alan and Carslaw, Ken S. and Murray, Benjamin J. (2018) Is black carbon an unimportant ice-nucleating particle in mixed-phase clouds? Dataset. [Dataset]


White, Robert and Dupont, Valerie and Cockerill, Timothy (2018) Data associated with 'Thermodynamic modelling and energy balance of direct methanation of glycerol for Bio-SNG production'. [Dataset]


Zhang, Huagui and Tangparitkul, Suparit and Hendry, Brogan and Harper, Joseph and Kon Kim, Yun and Hunter, Timothy N. and Lee, Jae W and Harbottle, David (2018) Data associated with 'Selective separation of cesium contaminated clays from pristine clays by flotation'. [Dataset]

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