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Andreou, Andreas and Barrett, John and Taylor, Peter. G. and Brockway, Paul E. and Wadud, Zia (2020) Empirical datasets for Energy and Built Environment journal article 'Decomposing the drivers of residential space cooling energy consumption in EU-28 countries using a panel data approach'. [Dataset]

Aragón-Briceño, Christian and Grasham, Oliver and Ross, Andrew and Dupont, Valerie and Camargo-Valero, Miller (2020) Dataset associated with "Hydrothermal Carbonization of Sewage Digestate at Wastewater Treatment Works: Influence of Solid Loading on Characteristics of Hydrochar, Process Water and Plant Energetics". [Dataset]

Armistead, Fern J. and Gala De Pablo, Julia and Gadêlha, Hermes and Peyman, Sally A. and Evans, Stephen D. (2020) Dataset associated with 'Physical biomarkers of disease progression: on-chip monitoring of changes in mechanobiology of colorectal cancer cells'. [Dataset]


Bacon, David and Gill, Thomas and Rosamond, Mark and Burnett, Andrew D. and Dunn, Aniela and Li, Lianhe and Linfield, Edmund H. and Davies, A. Giles and Dean, Paul and Freeman, Joshua R. (2020) Data to Support Photoconductive Arrays on Insulating Substrates for High-Field Terahertz Generation. [Dataset]

Bastiaanssen, Jeroen (2020) Systematic Review table of studies on transport and employment outcomes. [Dataset]

Batchelor, Damien and Abou-Saleh, Radwa H. and Coletta, Patricia Louise and Peyman, Sally A. and McLaughlan, James R. and Evans, Stephen D. (2020) Dataset associated with "Nested-Nanobubbles for Ultrasound Triggered Drug Release". [Dataset]

Bond, Stephanie and Kirkby, Mike J. and Johnston, Jean and Crowle, Alistair and Holden, Joseph (2020) Seasonal vegetation and management influence overland flow velocity in upland grasslands - dataset. [Dataset]

Bourn, Matthew D. and Batchelor, Damien V. B. and Ingram, N. and McLaughlan, James R. and Coletta, P. Louise and Evans, Stephen D. and Peyman, S. A. (2020) High-throughput Microfluidics for Evaluating Microbubble Enhanced Delivery of Cancer Therapeutics in Spheroid Cultures - Dataset. [Dataset]

Brown, Lee and Holden, Joseph (2020) EMBER comparison - systematic review. [Dataset]


Calabrese, Antonio N. and Schiffrin, Bob and Watson, Matthew and Walko, Martin and Humes, Julia R. and Karamanos, Theodoros K. and Horne, Jim E. and White, Paul and Kalli, Antreas C. and Tuma, Roman and Ashcroft, Alison E. and Brockwell, David J. and Radford, Sheena E. (2020) Inter-domain dynamics in the chaperone SurA and multi-site binding to its outer membrane protein clients - dataset. [Dataset]

Carruthers, Jonathan and Lythe, Grant and Lopez-Garcia, Martin and Gillard, Joseph and Laws, Thomas and Lukaszewski, Roman and Molina-Paris, Carmen (2020) Dataset associated with "Stochastic dynamics of Francisella Tularensis infection and replication". [Dataset]

Castelino, Jennifer K. and Ratliff, Daniel J. and Rucklidge, Alastair and Subramanian, Priya and Topaz, Chad M. (2020) Supplementary material for `Spatiotemporal chaos and quasipatterns in coupled reaction-diffusion systems'. [Dataset]

Chau, Chalmers and Radford, Sheena and Hewitt, Eric and Actis, Paolo (2020) Dataset for Macromolecular crowding enhances the detection of DNA and proteins by a solid-state nanopore. [Dataset]

Cocco, Paola (2020) Methods for developing Target Product Profiles for medical tests: a systematic review. [Dataset]

Colombo, Marco (2020) Computational predictions of bubbly flows with elliptic-blending Reynolds stress model. [Dataset]

Cooper, Robert J. and Liu, Aiqin and Day, Gavin A. and Wijayathunga, Vithanage N. and Jennings, Louise M. and Wilcox, Ruth K. and Jones, Alison C. (2020) Dataset associated with ‘Development of robust finite element models of porcine tibiofemoral joints loaded under varied flexion angles and tibial freedoms’. [Dataset]

Cowie, Raelene M. and Jennings, Louise M. (2020) Data associated with “Third body wear of UHMWPE-on-PEEK-OPTIMA™”. [Dataset]


Daily, Martin I. and Whale, Thomas F. and Partanen, Riitta and Harrison, Alexander D. and Kilbride, Peter and Lamb, Stephen and Morris, G. John and Picton, Helen M. and Murray, Benjamin J. (2020) Data associated with 'Cryopreservation of primary cultures of mammalian somatic cells in 96-well plates benefits from control of ice nucleation'. [Dataset]

Di Donna, Alice and Loveridge, Fleur and Piemontese, Miriam and Barla, Marco (2020) The role of ground conditions on the heat exchange potential of energy walls – data. [Dataset]


Elsey, Helen and Hicks, Joseph (2020) Depression among patients with multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) in Bangladesh. [Dataset]


Finizio, Simone and Wintz, Sebastian and Mayr, Sina and Huxtable, Alexandra J. and Langer, Manuel and Bailey, Joe and Burnell, Gavin and Marrows, Christopher H. and Raabe, Jörg (2020) Current-induced dynamical tilting of chiral domain walls in curved microwires. [Dataset]

Finizio, Simone and Zeissler, Katharina and Wintz, Sebastian and Mayr, Sina and Weßels, Teresa and Huxtable, Alexandra J. and Burnell, Gavin and Marrows, Christopher H and Raabe, Jörg (2020) Dataset associated with 'Deterministic Field-Free Skyrmion Nucleation at a Nanoengineered Injector Device'. [Dataset]


Galazoula, Maria and Cade, Janet and Greenwood, Darren and Martin, Adam (2020) Changes in food intake to reduce CO2 emissions and have a healthy diet. [Dataset]


Halcrow, Malcolm A and Greatorex, Sam and Fokin, Sergey V and Kulmaczewski, Rafał and Cespedes, Oscar and Yamada, Mihoko and Yoshinari, Nobuto and Konno, Takumi and Sproules, Stephen and Ovcharenko, Victor I (2020) Data to support study of Modulating the Magnetic Properties of Copper(II)/Nitroxyl Heterospin Complexes by Suppression of the Jahn-Teller Distortion. [Dataset]

Halcrow, Malcolm A and Kulmaczewski, Rafał and Trzop, Elzbieta and Collet, Eric and Vela, Sergi (2020) Data to support study of Structure:Function Relationships for Thermal and Light-Induced Spin-Crossover in Isomorphous Molecular Materials. [Dataset]

Halcrow, Malcolm A and Pask, Christopher M and Greatorex, Sam and Kulmaczewski, Rafał and Baldansuren, Amgalanbaatar and McInnes, Eric J L and Bamiduro, Faith and Yamada, Mihoko and Yoshinari, Nobuto (2020) Data to support study of Elucidating the Structural Chemistry of a Hysteretic Iron(II) Spin-Crossover Compound From its Copper(II) and Zinc(II) Congeners. [Dataset]

Hany, Ummey and Nikolopoulos, Georgios and Smith, Claire and Watson, Christopher M. and Inglehearn, Chris and Mighell, Alan (2020) Developing a quick, cost-effective genetic screen for enamel disease. [Dataset]

Hasan, Mohamed and Warburton, Matthew and Agboh, Wisdom C and Dogar, Mehmet R and Leonetti, Matteo and Wang, He and Mushtaq, Faisal and Mon-Williams, Mark and Cohn, Anthony G. (2020) Learning manipulation planning from VR human demonstrations. [Dataset]

Hopkins, Mark and Boesch, Christine and Lansdall, Matthew and Mullen, Conor and Mighell, Alan and Pavitt, Sue and Sarkar, Anwesha (2020) Data associated with "Salivary lubricity (ex vivo) enhances upon moderate exercise: A pilot study". [Dataset]

Hudomal, Ana and Vasić, Ivana and Regnault, Nicolas and Papic, Zlatko (2020) Supporting data for Quantum scars of bosons with correlated hopping. [Dataset]

Hughes, Matt D.G. and Cussons, Sophie and Mahmoudi, Najet and Brockwell, David and Dougan, Lorna (2020) Single Molecule Protein Stabilisation Translates to Macromolecular Mechanics of Protein Network - Dataset. [Dataset]


Ivanova, Diana and Büchs, Milena (2020) Carbon and energy footprints of European households (EU HBS). [Dataset]


Kemhadjian, Kayla (2020) (Re)Writing Self-killing in the Old English Lives of Saint Margaret. [Dataset]

King, Marco-Felipe and López-García, Martín and Atedoghu, Kalanne P and Zhang, Nan and Wilson, Amanda M. and Weterings, Martijn and Hiwar, Waseem and Dancer, Stephanie J and Noakes, Catherine J. and Fletcher, Louise A. (2020) Bacterial transfer to fingertips during sequential surface contacts with and without gloves. [Dataset]

Knox, CS and Li, L and Rosamond, MC and Linfield, EH and Marrows, CH (2020) Data associated with Scattering in InAs/GaSb Coupled Quantum Wells as a Probe of Higher Order Subband Hybridisation. [Dataset]

Kundu, Iman and Bacon, David R. and Dean, Paul and Li, Lianhe and Linfield, Edmund H. and Davies, A. Giles and Freeman, Joshua R. (2020) Dataset associated with Programmable, transform-limited pulses from a terahertz Quantum Cascade Laser. [Dataset]

Kundu, Iman and Freeman, Joshua R. and Dean, Paul and Li, Lianhe and Linfield, Edmund H. and Davies, A. Giles (2020) Terahertz photonic integrated circuit for frequency tuning and power modulation - dataset. [Dataset]


Laurent, Harrison and Soper, Alan and Dougan, Lorna (2020) Trimethylamine N-oxide (TMAO) Resists The Compression of Water Structure by Magnesium Perchlorate : Terrestrial Kosmotrope vs Martian Chaotrope - dataset. [Dataset]

Lehman, Julia H. and Lewandowski, Heather J. and Roberts, Frances C. (2020) A Rapid, Spatially Dispersive Frequency Comb Spectrograph aimed at Gas Phase Chemical Reaction Kinetics - dataset. [Dataset]


MacCannell, Amanda and Whitehead, Anna and Moran, Amy and Roberts, Lee (2020) Sexism of Fat: Is it sufficient to use only one sex in obesity research? [Dataset]

Madill, Anna (2020) BL Fandom Survey. [Dataset]

Marshall, Zeke and Brockway, Paul E. (2020) Datasets for the Biophysical Economics and Sustainability (BERQ) journal article entitled “A Net Energy Analysis of Global Agriculture, Aquaculture, Fishing and Forestry”. [Dataset]

Massey, J.R. and Matsumoto, K. and Strungaru, M. and Temple, R.C. and Higo, T. and Kondou, K. and Evans, R.F.L. and Burnell, G. and Chantrell, R.W. and Otani, Y. and Marrows, C.H. (2020) Phase Boundary Exchange Coupling in the Mixed Magnetic Phase Regime of a Pd-doped FeRh Epilayer - dataset. [Dataset]

Matero, Ilkka and Gregoire, Lauren and Ivanovic, Ruza (2020) Public trunk revision 3298 of BISICLES and revision 23085 of Chombo version 3. [Dataset]

Mengoni, Marlène (2020) Data associated with "Using inverse Finite Element analysis to identify spinal tissue behaviour in situ". [Dataset]

Mistry, Devesh and Gleeson, Helen (2020) Dataset associated with "Toward programmed complex mechanical deformations of Liquid Crystal Elastomers". [Dataset]

Mistry, Devesh and Nikkhou, Maryam and Raistrick, Thomas and Hussian, Mariam and Jull, Ethan I. L. and Baker, Daniel and Gleeson, Helen (2020) Dataset associated with "Isotropic liquid crystal elastomers as exceptional photoelastic strain sensors". [Dataset]


Newham, George and Mathew, Ryan and Wurdak, Heiko and Evans, Stephen and Ong, Zhan Yuin (2020) Polyelectrolyte Complex Templated Synthesis of Monodisperse, Sub-100 nm Porous Silica Nanoparticles for Cancer Targeted and Stimuli-Responsive Drug Delivery - Dataset. [Dataset]

Newton, Elizabeth (2020) Central broadcast quantum key distribution. [Dataset]


Painter, Corinne and Sharp, Ingrid (2020) Kiel Uprising: Women's activism and the German Revolution November 1918. [Dataset]

Painter, Corinne and Sharp, Ingrid (2020) Kiel Uprising: Women's activism and the German Revolution November 1918 - Documentary. [Dataset]

Painter, Corinne and Sharp, Ingrid (2020) Kiel Uprising: Women's activism and the German Revolution November 1918 - Exhibition. [Dataset]

Painter, Corinne and Sharp, Ingrid (2020) Kiel Uprising: Women's activism and the German Revolution November 1918 - Prosopography. [Dataset]

Painter, Corinne and Sharp, Ingrid (2020) Kiel Uprising: Women's activism and the German Revolution November 1918 - Teaching. [Dataset]

Papic, Zlatko and Shi, Qianhui (2020) Supporting Data for Fractional Quantum Hall Effect in Monolayer WSe2. [Dataset]

Pittard, Julian and Vila, Gabriela S and Romero, Gustavo E (2020) Dataset associated with "Colliding-wind binary systems: Diffusive shock acceleration and non-thermal emission". [Dataset]

Porter, Grace C. E. and Sikora, Sebastien N. F. and Adams, Michael P. and Proske, Ulrike and Harrison, Alexander D. and Tarn, Mark D. and Brooks, Ian M. and Murray, Benjamin J (2020) Data for ‘Resolving the size of ice-nucleating particles with a balloon deployable aerosol sampler: the SHARK’. [Dataset]

Prajitno, Muhammad Yusuf and Harbottle, David and Hunter, Timothy N. (2020) The effect of cationic surfactants on improving natural clinoptilolite for the flotation of cesium - Dataset. [Dataset]


Quarterman, Patrick and Satchell, Nathan and Kirby, B.J. and Loloee, Reza and Burnell, Gavin and Birge, Norman O. and Borchers, J.A. (2020) Distortions to the penetration depth and coherence length of superconductor/normal-metal superlattices - dataset. [Dataset]


Raveendran, Mukhil and Lee, Andrew J. and Sharma, Rajan and Walti, Christoph and Actis, Paolo (2020) DNA Nanostructure - Nanopipette biosensing. [Dataset]

Rees, Philip and Clark, Stephen and Nawaz, Rizwan (2020) Household Forecasts for the Planning of Long-Term Domestic Water Demand: Application to London and the Thames Valley - Dataset. [Dataset]

Richard-Bollans, Adam (2020) Analysis of the Polysemy Exhibited by Spatial Prepositions. [Dataset]

Richard-Bollans, Adam (2020) Study on the Semantics of Spatial Language - dataset. [Dataset]

Richardson, Robin A. and Hanson, Benjamin S. and Harris, Sarah A. (2020) Axonemal Dynein FFEA. [Dataset]

Rutkowski, Jacqueline E. (2020) Dataset IRS-CESC. [Dataset]


SaeJune, Park and Cunningham, John (2020) Dataset associated with "Determination of permittivity of dielectric analytes in the terahertz frequency range using split ring resonator elements integrated with on-chip waveguide". [Dataset]

SaeJune, Park and Cunningham, John (2020) Dataset associated with "Effect of substrate etching on terahertz metamaterial resonances and its liquid sensing applications". [Dataset]

Sanchez-Marroquin, A. and Arnalds, O. and Baustian-Dorsi, K.J. and Browse, J. and Dagsson-Waldhauserova, P. and Harrison, A.D. and Maters, E.C. and Pringle, K.J. and Vergara-Temprado, J. and Burke, I.T. and McQuaid, J.B. and Carslaw, K.S. (2020) Iceland is an episodic source of atmospheric ice-nucleating particles relevant for mixed-phase clouds - dataset. [Dataset]

Smith, Mark and Willis, Thomas and Alfieri, Lorenzo and James, William and Trigg, Mark and Yamazaki, Dai and Hardy, Andrew and Bisselink, Berny and De Roo, Ad and Macklin, Mark and Thomas, Chris (2020) LIS-MAL estimates of hydro-climatic suitability for malaria transmission in Africa (1971-2100). [Dataset]

Stribitcaia, Ecaterina and Krop, Emma M. and Lewin, Rachel and Holmes, Melvin and Sarkar, Anwesha (2020) Data associated with 'Tribology and rheology of bead-layered hydrogels: Influence of bead size on sensory perception'. [Dataset]

Szymanska, Katarzyna and Boldt, Karsten and Logan, Clare V. and Adams, Matthew and Robinson, Philip A. and Ueffing, Marius and Zeqiraj, Elton and Wheway, Gabrielle and Johnson, Colin A. (2020) Regulation of canonical Wnt signalling by the ciliopathy protein MKS1 and the E2 ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme UBE2E1. [Dataset]


Turner, Josh and Ambrosio-Albala, Pepa and Loveridge, Fleur and Bale, Catherine and Rees, Simon and Taylor, Peter (2020) Literature Review for the Net Zero Industry Coalition heat decarbonisation roadmaps. [Dataset]


Ver Beek, Noah and Vindel, Elvin and Kuperus Heun, Matthew and Brockway, Paul E. (2020) Data associated with the Energies article 'Quantifying the Environmental Impacts of Cookstove Transitions: A Societal Exergy Analysis Based Model of Energy Consumption and Forest Stocks in Honduras'. [Dataset]


Welch, Robert (2020) All-atom Ndc80C trajectories, KOBRA parameterisation and validation. [Dataset]

Wilson, Amanda M. and King, Marco-Felipe and López-García, Martin and Weir, Mark H. and Sexton, Jonathan D. and Canales, Robert A. and Kostov, Georgiana E. and Julian, Timothy R and Noakes, Catherine J. and Reynolds, Kelly A. (2020) Evaluating a transfer gradient assumption in a fomite-mediated microbial transmission model using an experimental and Bayesian approach - computation code. [Dataset]

Wilson, Amanda M. and Verhougstraete, Marc P. and Beamer, Paloma I. and King, Marco-Felipe and Reynolds, Kelly A. and Gerba, Charles P. (2020) Frequency of hand-to-head, -mouth, -eyes, and -nose contacts for adults and children during eating and non-eating macro-activities data. [Dataset]


Xu, Feng and Liamas, Evangelos and Bryant, Michael and Adedeji, Abimbola Feyisara and Andablo‐Reyes, Efren and Castronovo, Matteo and Ettelaie, Rammile and Charpentier, Thibaut V. J. and Sarkar, Anwesha (2020) Data associated with 'A Self‐Assembled Binary Protein Model Explains High‐Performance Salivary Lubrication from Macro to Nanoscale'. [Dataset]


Ye, Sunjie and Connell, Simon D. and McLaughlan, James R. and Roach, Lucien and Aslam, Zabeada and Chankhunthod, Navadecho and Brown, Andy P. and Brydson, Rik and Bushby, Richard J. and Critchley, Kevin and Coletta, P. Louise and Markham, Alexander F. and Evans, Stephen D. (2020) Data associated with 'One-step Preparation of Biocompatible Gold Nanoplates with Controlled Thickness and Adjustable Optical Properties for Plasmon-based Applications'. [Dataset]


Zhang, Huagui and Hodges, Chris and Mishra, Prashant and Yoon, Ji Young and Hunter, Timothy and Lee, Jae W and Harbottle, David (2020) Bio-Inspired Preparation of Clay-Hexacyanoferrate Composite Hydrogels as Super Adsorbents for Cs+ : dataset. [Dataset]

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