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Adams, Peter and Vasilev, Cvetelin and Hunter, C. Neil and Johnson, Matthew (2018) Dataset for a study correlating fluorescence quenching and topographic mapping of LHCII aggregates and lipid bilayers. [Dataset]

Anastasiou, Antonios and Brown, Andrew and Jha, Animesh (2018) Data associated with 'Exogenous mineralization of hard tissues using photo-absorptive minerals and femto-second lasers; the case of dental enamel'. [Dataset]


Camacho, Diana (2018) Polythermal experimental data for crystallisation of methyl stearate as a function of solution environment. [Dataset]

Campbell, James M. and Christenson, Hugo K. (2018) Dataset for "Dynamic Measurement of Low Contact Angles by Optical Microscopy". [Dataset]

Campbell, James M. and Christenson, Hugo K. (2018) Dataset for "Nucleation- and Emergence-Limited Growth of Ice from Pores". [Dataset]

Carruthers, Jonathan and López-García, Martin and Gillard, Joseph J. and Laws, Thomas R. and Lythe, Grant and Molina-París, Carmen (2018) A novel stochastic multi-scale model of Francisella tularensis infection to predict risk of infection in a laboratory (computer codes). [Dataset]

Chen, Ze and Ye, Sunjie and Evans, Stephen D. and Ge, Yuanhang and Zhu, Zhifeng and Tu, Yingfeng and Yang, Xiaoming (2018) Data associated with 'Confined Assembly of Hollow Carbon Spheres in Carbonaceous Nanotube: A Spheres-in-Tube Carbon Nanostructure with Hierarchical Porosity for High-performance Supercapacitor'. [Dataset]

Chudpooti, Nonchanutt and Doychinov, Viktor and Akkaraekthalin, Prayoot and Robertson, Ian and Somjit, Nutapong (2018) Dataset associated with 'Non-invasive Millimeter-Wave Profiler for Surface Height Measurement of Photoresist Films'. [Dataset]

Churchman, Adam H. (2018) Data associated with 'Combined flow-focus and self-assembly routes for the formation of lipid stabilized oil-shelled microbubbles'. [Dataset]

Cooper, Robert and Williams, Sophie and Mengoni, Marlène and Jones, Alison (2018) Dataset associated with 'Patient-specific parameterised cam geometry in finite element models of femoroacetabular impingement of the hip'. [Dataset]


Easter, Carrie (2018) An agent-based simulation for studying the effect of various parameters on the evolution of teaching. [Dataset]

Eisele, Heribert (2018) Dataset associated with "High-performance GaAs/AlAs superlattice electronic devices in oscillators at frequencies 100–320 GHz". [Dataset]

Elliott, Laura (2018) Salt enhanced solvent relaxation during rapid spin-lattice NMR data set. [Dataset]


Favretto, Nicola (2018) Data associated with 'Links between climate change mitigation, adaptation and development in land policy and ecosystem restoration projects: lessons from South Africa'. [Dataset]

Ferguson, Calum T. J. and Al-Khalaf, Areej A. and Isaac, R. Elwyn and Cayre, Olivier J. (2018) Data associated with 'pH-responsive polymer microcapsules for targeted delivery of biomaterials to the midgut of Drosophila suzukii'. [Dataset]


Gala de Pablo, Julia and Armistead, Fern and Peyman, Sally A. and Bonthron, David and Lones, Michael and Smith, Stephen and Evans, Stephen D. (2018) Dataset associated with 'Biochemical fingerprint of colorectal cancer cell lines using label-free live single-cell Raman spectroscopy'. [Dataset]

Goldsmith, Kathryn and Pittard, Julian (2018) Statistics, images, and other files pertaining to a comparison of shock-cloud and wind-cloud interactions (Paper II). [Dataset]


Halcrow, Malcolm A and Burrows, Kay E and Kulmaczewski, Rafał and Cespedes, Oscar and Barrett, Simon A (2018) Data to support study of the speciation of homochiral and heterochiral diastereomers of homoleptic cobalt(II) and zinc(II) PyBox complexes. [Dataset]

Halcrow, Malcolm A and Capel Berdiell, Izar and Warriner, Stuart L (2018) Data to support study of silver(I) complexes of bis- and tris-(pyrazolyl)azine derivatives – dimers, coordination polymers and a pentametallic assembly. [Dataset]

Han, Yingjun (2018) Dataset associated with 'Silver-based surface plasmon waveguide for terahertz quantum cascade lasers'. [Dataset]

Hardie, Michaele and Thorp-Greenwood, Flora and Berry, Gilberte Therese and Boyadjieva, Sophia and Oldknow, Samuel (2018) Data to support study "2D networks of metallo-capsules and other coordination polymers from a hexapodal ligand". [Dataset]

Harvie, Andrew J (2018) Ultrafast Trap-State Mediated Electron Transfer for Quantum Dot Redox Sensing - Associated data. [Dataset]

Heun, Matthew and Owen, Anne and Brockway, Paul (2018) Empirical datasets for Applied Energy journal article "A physical supply-use table framework for energy analysis on the energy conversion chain". [Dataset]

Hong, Binbin and Chudpooti, Nonchanutt and Akkaraekthalin, Prayoot and Somjit, Nutapong and Cunningham, John and Robertson, Ian (2018) Data and figures associated with ‘Investigation of Electromagnetic Mode Transition and Filtering of an Asymptotically Single-mode Hollow THz Bragg Fibre’. [Dataset]


Ibrahim S G Adiya, Zainab and Dupont, Valerie and Mahmud, Tariq (2018) Data associated with 'Steam reforming of shale gas in a packed bed reactor with and without chemical looping using nickel based oxygen carrier'. [Dataset]

Ivanovic, Ruza and Gregoire, Lauren and Wickert, Andrew (2018) Climate model data presented in 'Climatic effect of Antarctic meltwater overwhelmed by concurrent Northern hemispheric melt'. [Dataset]

Ivanovic, Ruza and Gregoire, Lauren and Wickert, Andrew (2018) Climate model data presented in 'Climatic effect of Antarctic meltwater overwhelmed by concurrent Northern hemispheric melt': background. [Dataset]

Ivanovic, Ruza and Gregoire, Lauren and Wickert, Andrew (2018) Climate model data presented in 'Climatic effect of Antarctic meltwater overwhelmed by concurrent Northern hemispheric melt': hiN_leads_loS. [Dataset]

Ivanovic, Ruza and Gregoire, Lauren and Wickert, Andrew (2018) Climate model data presented in 'Climatic effect of Antarctic meltwater overwhelmed by concurrent Northern hemispheric melt': hiN_loS. [Dataset]

Ivanovic, Ruza and Gregoire, Lauren and Wickert, Andrew (2018) Climate model data presented in 'Climatic effect of Antarctic meltwater overwhelmed by concurrent Northern hemispheric melt': hiS_leads_loN. [Dataset]

Ivanovic, Ruza and Gregoire, Lauren and Wickert, Andrew (2018) Climate model data presented in 'Climatic effect of Antarctic meltwater overwhelmed by concurrent Northern hemispheric melt': hiS_loN. [Dataset]


James, Alexander D. and Brooke, James S.A. and Mangen, Thomas P. and Whale, Thomas F. and Plane, John M.C. and Murray, Benjamin J. (2018) Data associated with 'Nucleation of nitric acid hydrates in Polar Stratospheric Clouds by meteoric material'. [Dataset]


Kirk, Carole (2018) Dataset associated with ‘Painting as emergent knowledge: exploring contemporary artistic labour as a process of ecological cognition’. [Dataset]

Kirk, Carole (2018) Digital story for Jetty making. [Dataset]

Kirk, Carole (2018) Explore through collage. [Dataset]

Kirk, Carole (2018) Feeling a way through …. [Dataset]

Kirk, Carole (2018) The Garden of Earthly Delights. [Dataset]

Kirk, Carole (2018) The Gesture of Thinking. [Dataset]

Kirk, Carole (2018) Keep Off. [Dataset]

Kirk, Carole (2018) Looking. [Dataset]

Kirk, Carole (2018) Painting the Sea. [Dataset]

Kirk, Carole (2018) Ruffles. [Dataset]

Kirk, Carole (2018) Seals. [Dataset]

Kirk, Carole (2018) Talking about Aldershot Map. [Dataset]

Kirk, Carole (2018) Talking about edges of figure on 'Keep Off'. [Dataset]

Kirk, Carole (2018) Wordless fragments extract. [Dataset]

Kirk, Carole (2018) The migration of gesture …. [Dataset]

Konpang, Jessada and Sandhu, Muhammad and Somjit, Nutapong and Hunter, Ian (2018) Dataset associated with 'Four-port diplexer for high Tx/Rx isolation for integrated transceivers'. [Dataset]

Kundu, Iman and Dean, Paul and Valavanis, Alexander and Freeman, Joshua R. and Rosamond, Mark C. and Li, Lianhe and Han, Yingjun and Linfield, Edmund H. and Davies, A. Giles (2018) Data associated with 'Continuous frequency tuning with near constant output power in coupled Y-branched terahertz quantum cascade lasers with photonic lattice'. [Dataset]


Lunn, David and Chapman, Graham and Redmond, Anthony (2018) Motion analysis in total joint replacement patients: Data Release 1. [Dataset]

López-García, Martin and Kypraios, Theodore (2018) A unified stochastic modelling framework for the spread of nosocomial infections (computer codes). [Dataset]


Matsumoto, K and Kimata, M and Kondou, K and Temple, Rowan and Marrows, CH and Otani, Y (2018) Magneto-thermodynamic properties and anomalous magnetic phase transition in FeRh nano-wires dataset. [Dataset]

Maycock, Amanda C. (2018) 11 year solar cycle ozone coefficients from CMIP6 ozone dataset presented in ‘The representation of solar cycle signals in stratospheric ozone. Part II: Analysis of global models'. [Dataset]


Omoniyi, Oluwafemi and Dupont, Valerie (2018) Data associated with 'Chemical looping Steam reforming of Acetic Acid in a Packed Bed Reactor'. [Dataset]


Papic, Zlatko and Turner, Christopher Jack and Michailidis, Alexios (2018) Dataset associated with 'Quantum Many-Body Scars'. [Dataset]

Patel, Jayna and Lal, Saurabh and Nuss, Katja and Wilshaw, Stacy-Paul and von Rechenberg, Brigitte and Hall, Richard and Tipper, Joanne (2018) Dataset supporting the publication of 'Recovery of low volumes of wear debris from rat stifle joint tissues using a novel particle isolation method.'. [Dataset]

Peters, Nicolas (2018) Data associated with ‘Confinement of picosecond timescale current pulses by tapered coplanar waveguides.'. [Dataset]

Price, Hannah and Baustian, Kelly J and McQuaid, James B and Blyth, Alan and Bower, Keith N and Choularton, Thomas and Cotton, RJ and Cui, Zhiqiang and Field, Paul R and Gallagher, M and Hawker, Rachel and Merrington, A and Miltenberger, Annette and Neely III, Ryan R and Parker, ST and Rosenberg, Philip D and Taylor, JW and Trembath, Jamie and Vergara-Temprado, Jesús and Whale, Thomas F and Wilson, TW and Young, G and Murray, Benjamin J (2018) Datasets associated with 'Atmospheric ice-nucleating particles in the dusty tropical Atlantic'. [Dataset]


Redmond, Anthony and Tennant, Alan and Horton, Mike and Ndosi, Mwidimi (2018) Systemic Sclerosis Quality of Life (SScQoL) instrument: translation and cross cultural validation across seven European countries (UK, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Germany and Poland). [Dataset]


Satchell, Nathan and Birge, Norman O. (2018) Supercurrent in ferromagnetic Josephson junctions with heavy metal interlayers dataset. [Dataset]

Shepley, Philippa M. and Burnell, Gavin and Moore, Thomas A. (2018) Strain and domain wall creep in Pt-Co-Ir thin films. [Dataset]

Shepley, Philippa M. and Tunnicliffe, Harry and Shahbazi, Kowzar and Burnell, Gavin and Moore, Thomas A. (2018) Dataset associated with "Magnetic properties, domain-wall creep motion, and the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction in Pt/Co/Ir thin films". [Dataset]

Smith, Alison F and Messenger, Michael P and Hall, Peter S and Hulme, Claire T (2018) The Role of Measurement Uncertainty in Health Technology Assessments (HTAs) of In-vitro Tests - Dataset. [Dataset]

Smith, Christopher J. (2018) HadGEM2 radiative kernels. [Dataset]

Solernou, Albert and Hanson, Benjamin S. and Richardson, Robin A and Welch, Robert and Read, Daniel J. and Harlen, Oliver G. and Harris, Sarah A. (2018) Analysis and comparison of FFEA with all-atom molecular dynamics. [Dataset]

Spencer, Charles S. and Gayles, Jacob and Porter, Nicholas and Sugimoto, Satoshi and Aslam, Zabeada and Kinane, Christian J. and Charlton, Timothy and Freimuth, Frank and Chadov, Stanislav and Langridge, Sean and Sinova, Jairo and Felser, Claudia and Blügel, Stefan and Mokrousov, Yuriy and Marrows, Christopher (2018) Helical magnetic structure and the anomalous and topological Hall effects in epitaxial B20 Fe1-yCoyGe films dataset. [Dataset]


Tarn, Mark D. and Sikora, Sebastien N. F. and Porter, Grace C. E. and O’Sullivan, Daniel and Adams, Mike and Whale, Thomas F. and Harrison, Alexander D. and Vergara-Temprado, Jesús and Wilson, Theodore W. and Shim, Jung-uk and Murray, Benjamin J. (2018) Data for 'The study of atmospheric ice-nucleating particles via microfluidically generated droplets'. [Dataset]


Vergara-Temprado, Jesús and Holden, Mark and Orton, Thomas R. and O’Sullivan, Daniel and Umo, Nsikanabasi S. and Browse, Jo and Reddington, Carly and Baeza-Romero, María Teresa and Jones, Jenny M. and Lea-Langton, Amanda and Williams, Alan and Carslaw, Ken S. and Murray, Benjamin J. (2018) Is black carbon an unimportant ice-nucleating particle in mixed-phase clouds? Dataset. [Dataset]

Vergara-Temprado, Jesús and Miltenberger, Annette and Furtado, Kalli and Grosvenor, Daniel and Shipway, Ben J. and Hill, Adrian A. and Wilkinson, Jonathan M. and Field, Paul R. and Murray, Benjamin J. and Carslaw, Ken S. (2018) Strong control of Southern Ocean cloud reflectivity by ice-nucleating particles - Dataset. [Dataset]


Wareing, C.J, and Pittard, J.M. and Wright, N.J. and Falle, S.A.E.G. (2018) Dataset associated with 'A new mechanical stellar wind feedback model for the Rosette Nebula'. [Dataset]

White, Robert and Dupont, Valerie and Cockerill, Timothy (2018) Data associated with 'Thermodynamic modelling and energy balance of direct methanation of glycerol for Bio-SNG production'. [Dataset]


Xu, Jiren and Morris, Paul J. and Liu, Junguo and Holden, Joseph (2018) Dataset for Nature Sustainability paper “Hotspots of peatland-derived potable water use identified by global analysis”. [Dataset]


Zapata-Cornelio, Fernando and Wilcox, Ruth (2018) A methodology for the generation and non-destructive characterisation of transverse fractures in long bones – Data set. [Dataset]

Zhang, Zhaopeng and Gleeson, Helen (2018) Polarised Raman spectroscopy data of nematic liquid crystals 5CB and E63. [Dataset]

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